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  1. Goldmember

    Rocktron Austin Gold Overdrive favorite color in a pedal. Let's imagine that Rocktron had issued this as the Austin Green Overdrive. This pedal would still remain my favorite overdrive. Rumored to be a Klon clone, the Austin Gold's most important feature is the Pre-Bass control. It functions as a bass cut...
  2. Goldmember

    7.4 Quake Strikes NZ

    Preliminary magnitude 7.4 quake strikes New Zealand For our friends in New Zealand...roll mates OK?
  3. Goldmember

    Rocktron Hush the Pedal

    Much has been posted about this pedal on other forums, mainly by reviewers that don't understand its function. I purchased this recently, aiming at cutting preamp hiss via my DSL100h fx loop. The hiss is low, except for Red Channel Lead 2; however, I like having it minimized when the last...
  4. Goldmember

    Wang Chung

    Hello, fellow ETSG members, I was there for this shwingin', shexshy live performance in the Netherlands. Dig it. Soon after this, I moved to Yugoslavia, where I continued to shwing, shag, and drink myself to mild insanity, but that's a different story. I especially dug his RD with extra...
  5. Goldmember

    Anyone in Green Bay? Caution: "Gags" the Clown

    "Gags" the frickin' Clown, walking the streets of Green Bay at night. His distinct trademark: Four black balloons. Any forum members in Green Bay that can verify this as genuine? I'm thinking that Dr. Evil has traveled to 2016. There's even a "Gags" the Clown Facebook Page that tracks...
  6. Goldmember

    Help! Bigfoot urinated on my new SG!

    (Caution: Please be aware that what I'm about to share with you is of a nature so shocking and disturbing, that reader discretion is advised.) Fellow ETSG forum members, Upon entering the kitchen this morning, I encountered a Sasquatch taking a piss on my new SG Faded! I had left it there on...
  7. Goldmember

    Hey, Disco Haters!

    Goldmember has been deeply ( I am, speaking in the third person, hell. Why not?) offended and hurt to the quick by all the disco bashin' goin' on here lately. So, for all you disco haters, take this! It's got CHICKS. It's got GOLD. It's got DANCIN', and SINGIN', and...
  8. Goldmember

    Tom Johnston (Doobies) Oozing the 70s SG Groove

    Caught this vid from 1974 a few moments ago. Tom's groovin' a mid-70s SG in all its glory! Unmistakable sound. Camera zooms out @ 1:00.
  9. Goldmember

    NGD for Goldmember: Yesh, thish time it's real.

    2016 Faded T I love everything about this stripped-down babe. The only changes made were a cream switch tip and speed knobs. With so many great reviews of the 2016 Specials here at ETSG, I couldn't hold the GAS anymore! The neck is not quite as slim as my 60s Tribute SG, but this is due to...
  10. Goldmember

    Triple Double Crunchwrap!

    Goldmember has discovered a transcendent state of neither suffering, desire, nor sense of self. He has been released from the effects of karma and the cycle of death and rebirth, and you, the members of ETSG, are invited to join him. What is the object of his discovery, you might ask? Behold...
  11. Goldmember

    FNGD for Goldmember

    Yesh, call it a fetish, call it a fantasy, but it's my frickin' fantasy new guitar day, Baby. It's shexshy and smooth ash a pancake, yesh....and she's mine. Very sexual, very a toiger: 2016 Goldmember Goldtop
  12. Goldmember

    Happy New Year, eSG!

    Happy New Year to you groovy eSG'ers. Like anybody from the Netherlands, this is what I'll be doing to celebrate 2016 tonight:
  13. Goldmember

    SpeghettiO's: WTF Not?

    Mates, I've grown tired of the teasing and the grimaces from coworkers seeing me eat my SpaghettiOs straight from the can. I'm reaching out for support. I love them room temp., and especially with birthday meatballs. WTF: They're cooked already. There's no need to stand in line for the...
  14. Goldmember

    Rosewood Conditioning

    Hello Mates, Goldmember just conditioned his '60s Tribute with Dunlop 65 Lemon Oil. He digs the results.
  15. Goldmember

    Hello! I am from Holland. Isn't dat vird?

    Hello, Everybody! My name is Johann Van der Smut, and I am fascinated with gold. After losing my genitals in an unfortunate schmelting accident in the 1970s, I became known as "Goldmember." I am also a reigning champion of disco dancing. Often, I like to talk to my armpits in a ritual-like...
  16. Goldmember

    Polytune Clip

    Hi mates, I just received an email announcing the release of the TC Polytune clip-on tuner. Until now, I have not been satisfied with clip-ons, but this may be something that changes my mind: PolyTune Clip
  17. Goldmember

    Help! Sasquatch urinated on my SG!

    Mates, I've heard of cats and dogs doing this evil deed, but what I experienced last night was very disturbing and beyond comprehension. I left the back door unlocked while I went to take a break from practicing in the breakfast room. '60s Tribute through my Vox AC4. Two minutes later, I return...
  18. Goldmember

    NGD 2013 '60s Tribute SG

    Hello, mates! I want to share a few photos of my "new" 2013 '60s SG, though I have already changed the tuner buttons, truss rod cover, as well as added a Pickguardian guard. I must give eS.G. kudos for the inspiration to try out the Tribute series! Sam Ash had several '60s and '70s Tributes in...
  19. Goldmember

    Tube Change Results in Strange Hiss?

    Hello Mates, I recently purchased a Vox ac4c1-bl, which sounds phenomenal with a SG plugged straight in. As an experiment, thought I'd change valves, from the stock Chinese to Electro Harmonix: 2 x 12ax7; 1 x EL84. The result was a very slight increase in high frequency clarity and slightly...

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