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  1. Colnago

    Special NGD

    New to me 2019 Gibson SG Special in faded Pelham blue. Love the color. I have an SG Standard from 2018 in “regular” Pelham blue and this slightly greener one is really cool in person.
  2. Colnago

    Why did they do this?

    I just bought a used Gibson SG Special from 2019/2020 in faded Pelham blue, which is a freakin’ amazing colour. Anyways, Gibson goes through the trouble of using quality pots, orange drop caps and brags about hand soldering and all that and yet they use a crappy “China” output jack? I mean, I...
  3. Colnago

    Used Special

    Fun day, new to me Special. My first guitar with mini humbuckers. Can’t wait to get home and crank it.(I’m on the road for work right now and came across this deal).
  4. Colnago

    No year stamp

    My new SG Standard doesn’t have the “2017 model” stamp under the “made in USA” stamp. Is this a new thing that Gibson is doing? Just curious.
  5. Colnago

    NGD-Pelham blue

    2017 Pelham blue standard. Perfect in every way. New knobs and pointers still to come.
  6. Colnago

    Deal fell through

    I almost got a 2017 SG Standard but the deal fell through. I now have the opportunity to buy a 2006 SG '61 reissue in Sapphire Blue. It is mint. What do you guys think? It's more money that the standard I was after. Is this a good year? What should I look for? I'm lost as I researched the 2017...
  7. Colnago

    New guy here, buying an SG...

    Just wondering what the going price of a "mint" 2017 Sg Standard should be. I have the opportunity to buy one next week and it does appear to be "as new" in the photos with little or no use at all. I don't want to get hosed, but also want to offer a fair market price.

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