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  1. grausch

    SG Tuning Issues - Fixed (Finally)

    I really did not wish to know about Dean’s G-string problem.... :shock:
  2. grausch

    NAD-Marshall DSL40CR

    Great score and thanks for the write-up. Contemplating getting a new DSL or a Katana at the moment, but I suspect I’ll give in to temptation and just get a Marshall.
  3. grausch

    Neck Dive and Real Solutions

    Well, coiled cables are one way to add weight to the back of the guitar. Worked to balance out the 50s Tribute extremely well.
  4. grausch

    Working with a poly finish

    Let's just take a step back for a minute here... I wish to change out an output jack for one that I prefer the feel of. How is this different to someone changing pickups, tuners or other hardware? Heck, I am even still considering having a guitar with perfectly good fretwire refretted to a...
  5. grausch

    Working with a poly finish

    Hi, nothing is wrong with the jack plate. I just think it would be an easy (and not so visible) place to try and see if I can hide damage to a poly finish. While it is not a cheap change, it is still cheaper than a night out and I can learn a new skill. I have already replaced the output jack...
  6. grausch

    Working with a poly finish

    Haha, yes you are right. mm and not cm. The standard jack plate works quite well, but the USA ones just feel a lot more solid. Since I wish to install a push-pull pot and new pickups, I thought I might as well change out the assembly at the same time. Good idea regarding the nail polish. The...
  7. grausch

    Working with a poly finish

    Good idea and covering the old holes with the jack plate would be the easiest method of doing this. However, I need the plate to be at least 46cm long and based on this website...
  8. grausch

    Working with a poly finish

    Hi, I have a PRS SE where I am considering replacing the output jack assembly with as US assembly. The regular plate has an oval shape whereas the US plate has a square shape which means that the old holes would still be visible. There are two issues I would like to address and would...
  9. grausch

    Gibson SG Deluxe 1998: Maestro tremolo tuning issue

    I have one of these - It has locking tuners and stays in tune remarkably well. With heavy Bigsby use, the G-string will go slightly out of tune, i.e. one bar on my tuner which is not audible to me. A slight pull or...
  10. grausch

    Rescuing an early 70's SG Special. With a nasty head stock break...

    Wow! Looks as good as new!
  11. grausch

    Thoughts on SG quality variations 2000 to current

    My wallet always hates the annual Gibson clearance sales...That being said, as SG Standard noted, I also acquired some nice guitars at very good prices - doubt I would lose money when I sell them.
  12. grausch

    Neck Separation Anxiety

    In the few cases where I have used wood glue, the glue itself ended up being stronger than the wood itself - it was almost impossible to "undo" some of my errors as the wood would break before the glue would. If I were gluing a neck I would only use wood glue. Superglue just isn't as strong.
  13. grausch

    Strings - what do you use and why?

    I am considering going back to 8-40s as 10-46 are too forgiving. When I am pushing my limits I tend to play more sloppily and with 10s I can just mash down on the strings. Can’t do that with 8s so it forces me to play cleaner. Picking can be an issue as I have found. However, it can be...
  14. grausch

    RS Guitarworks electronics upgrade (video A/B compare)

    I don’t notice any difference between them and a Switchcraft, but compared to the Asian jacks I replaced, they are a definite step up in quality - in feel but not in tone. At 5 Eur a jack that was one of my cheaper experiments.
  15. grausch

    RS Guitarworks electronics upgrade (video A/B compare)

    Well, considering that I upgraded to Pure Tone jacks after seeing you comment on them, I figured I’d return the favor...
  16. grausch

    RS Guitarworks electronics upgrade (video A/B compare)

    Unless you’re using Cardas Quad you remain an amateur! :squint:
  17. grausch

    RS Guitarworks electronics upgrade (video A/B compare)

    I can’t hear a difference between the two. Both sounded equally good to me! That being said, I do sometimes upgrade parts to higher quality components. Purely because I like tinkering, and because I like the feel of quality pots and switches.
  18. grausch

    Any Explorer owners here?

    Have had my sights on a 2014 ‘58 Explorer for the Custom Shop for a while now. Maybe in 2 or 3 years the shop might drop their prices to something more reasonable...
  19. grausch

    Strings - what do you use and why?

    Yes, we do adapt to different strings after a while. I think playing with 8-40s for that long definitely helped me develop a lighter touch. Any bends close to the nut are also much better than trying the same with 10-46s.
  20. grausch

    Strings - what do you use and why?

    I really struggle with Maiden type gallop rhythms when the strings are this light. Bending was a dream, but I tend to overbend with the 7s. The 8-40s work really well for me or even a hybrid set of 8-46. That allows me to bend like I want and still get the tight rhythms right.

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