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  1. Von Trapp

    Larkin Poe

    These two are here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And they're all out of bubble gum... The choice of guitar says it all really. Check out their albums, all killers, no fillers. Not to mention their covers on youtube.
  2. Von Trapp

    B F G - Hardware

    A little late in the game, considering it came out in June, I listened for the first time to Billy Gibbons latest solo effort Hardware. Holy sh!t, it hit me in the guts like nobody's business! This is easily the best record the Rev has played on since El Loco, man o man! He's even got some of...
  3. Von Trapp

    A study in Whammy

    Just thought I'd post a minor curiosity for the encouragement of anyone ever encountering setbacks. The setback: This sh!t don't work. No breake angle. Damn!
  4. Von Trapp

    No comment needed really.

    A "guitar bridge tremolo spring stabilizer".
  5. Von Trapp

    Sell me your Vibrola!

    Listen, I really need a gold Maestro Vibrola. Have Gold Short one for trade/sale. (real one, not that ebay junk)
  6. Von Trapp

    Rare Ibanez LP

    Not that this is on ebay, or an SG or even anything but a fair enough price, but if anyone is looking for a kick ass LP then here's one. Not only are they extremely rare but feel and sound like you wouldn't believe. I happen to...
  7. Von Trapp

    Somebody shoot me, please.
  8. Von Trapp

    Sometimes you're just like... you've got to be ...kidding!
  9. Von Trapp

    Tempting! and a not so tempting "standard"...
  10. Von Trapp

    Top Shelve Short Flange Mount Vibrola - Gold

    Brand new and never used. This is not the crap you find on ebay. PM me for dealing.
  11. Von Trapp

    Somewhat optimistically priced, or?

    Am I the only one that thinks this is a bit hefty or is this really the market value of these...
  12. Von Trapp

    SG Supreme

    How much are they/should they be anyway? I just saw one on ebay for 39 995 which seems insane for an SG. Also, this one was modded, or "upgraded"/"customized" as he put it and afik that should mean the value goes down, not up. Just curious...
  13. Von Trapp

    Break angle

    Does anyone know what the minimum break angle should be between bridge and tailpiece? I looking into putting a Vibrola on but I'm a little worried the angle might come out to shallow.
  14. Von Trapp

    Vibrola conversion post hole cover suggestions, please.

    Hi there! I'm fixin to convert my SG to Vibrola, the short one, not the lyre, and I'm wondering if anyone has some good tips on what to cover the post holes with. It's candy apple so no use trying to plug and paint I'm afraid. I've googled around a bit but can't really find anything interesting...

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