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  1. Moose

    Joe Bonamassa in sydney tonight

    Just went to see Joe tonight. Didn't know much about him but a friend from work arranged the tickets so I was interested. I like blues guitar so I figured it would be ok. He did two sets, one acoustic and the other electric. The acoustic was full of various styles and good fun. The electric set...
  2. Moose

    Section 43

    Who remembers this? We were all so much younger then. So were the guitars SG action too. Country Joe and the Fish Section 43 - YouTube
  3. Moose

    Does Listen To Me pre-date Tommy?

    I was listening to the Hollies tonight because I'm old and remember when. Anyway I didn't understand the lyrics so I looked them up and found the 2nd verse: Listen to me I'll sing a song to change your mind Your ears are deaf, your mouth is dumb, your eyes are blind Listen to me and very...
  4. Moose

    How long have you had your guitars?

    I have 13 guitars. One I bought in 1978. The rest in the last ten years with my favourites in the last 5 years. I guess I've become more selective and spent a bit more to get the right guitar.
  5. Moose

    It's never too late

    Favourite from my youth. Great drumming. Steppenwolf - It's Never Too Late - YouTube
  6. Moose

    Famous two pup SG

    A cross posting but I need to share
  7. Moose

    Searching for sugarman

    A great lost artist story with a happy ending. The Sugarman is the coolest guy and one wonders how far he might have gone if he had the recognition in the 70s. Strange that he developed such a cult following in South Africa but apparently unheard in the states in the 70s. I remember when...
  8. Moose

    How many guitarists do you recognise?

  9. Moose

    You can never have too much tone

  10. Moose


    So we are having a heat wave in OZ and genius thinks, I'll buy one of those portable air-con units. Fair enough. So I get home and I admit, I've had a few beers, turn on air con, fall asleep. Just woken up. 36C. Forgot to duct the exhaust outside. WTF. I didn't mean to do that. Why can't...
  11. Moose


    I just installed a togpot in my SG Custom. Seems to work well. I've got standard SG wiring and the ability to dial any amount of middle pickup into the mix. Green=Bridge pot output Yellow=Neck pot output Orange and Black=Output Jack Red=Middle Pickup Brown and White=ground
  12. Moose

    Mike Bloomfield

    Love 'em but most rock and roll guitarists struggle to put a sentence together. Mike Bloomfield articulate, literally and as a guitarist. Gone far to soon :( Mike Bloomfield Interview - YouTube
  13. Moose

    The state of ebony

    Great sustainable story from Bob Taylor. Sustainable Ebony So who's into white ebony?
  14. Moose

    LPF 18 watt marshall thread

    This is one of the reasons I don't get involved in the vintage market. LPF link I can't wait till the movie comes out :)
  15. Moose

    Orange tube tester

    I bought one of these electronic tube testers today. Testing sequences include: - Heater filament test - Short circuit Heater filament test - Open circuit Heater filament test - Tolerance check Heater cathode insulation - Leakage Heater cathode insulation - Short Circuit Tests for heater...
  16. Moose

    How many guitars do I really need?

    I, like many people here, have many guitars. 14 at the moment but it'll be back down to 13 soon enough. I've often asked myself, "How many do I really need?" and as I get older (hopefully) "What will be my last guitar?" Even when I try to rationalise I still come up with about 6-7...
  17. Moose

    1961 (SG) Les Paul Tribute 1961 Les Paul Tribute Thought we might see it for the 50th anniversary. It's been a long time coming. Look's like an original with a side-ways vibrato. Any takers?
  18. Moose

    NGD: Custom Shop SG standard VOS

    I thought I had every guitar I could want. So why do I continue to look at eBay? Anyway, a CS SG came up at a price I couldn't ignore. Outstanding condition, September 2012 build. The only issue was that the owner had changed a few things: Replaced the standard tuners with Kluson double rings...
  19. Moose

    Where the Gibson nitro smell?

    One of the most evocative things about playing an old guitar is that nitro smell when you open the case. Nitro Fenders still have it, why not Gibsons?
  20. Moose

    ABR saddles

    Does anyone know what the the difference be between wire and non-wire ABR saddles might be? They look the same to me.

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