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  1. Stark Naked

    How They Do It.

    For several years when I would go to the annual Orlando Guitar Show, I would notice one particular booth with no guitars on display. The booth was manned by several Oriental gentlemen who were buying every classic or vintage Gibson or Fender guitar that was laid on their table, at Blue Book...
  2. Stark Naked

    Pick-up leveling

    I've had a couple of SG standards with full bat wing pick guards and wondered if there is a best way to get the pickups to sit parallel to the strings or at least leveled with the pick guard. Any suggestions.
  3. Stark Naked

    SG History.

    I was just engaged in a conversation with a person on a YouTube comment thread who insisted that Les Paul designed the Gibson SG. He defended this opinion so fiercely that I tried to do some research. According to Wikipedia, when sales of the original Les Paul fell off in 1960, Gibson...
  4. Stark Naked

    Gibson in Canada.

    In the late 60's I was working in Montreal Canada and had an opportunity to buy a 1956 Les Paul with the head stock broken completely off. It had also been painted white with a paint brush but I got it for $10. I wanted to get it repaired properly and asked a music store what to do. They said...
  5. Stark Naked

    Everything SG icon.

    I lost the everythingsg icon from my desk top when I got my new phone. How do I get it back?
  6. Stark Naked

    Mt. Dora FL. Musicians Swap Meet.

    Lake County Musicians Swap Meet Aug. 12, 2018 Mt. Dora FL. 352--735-0025 I've never been to this but face book says it's a great time with lots of good deals. They have it every month. This month I think I'll try to go. Promotional photos show lots of guitars and amps. Any one been there ?

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