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  1. Sweetums

    Twisted neck on Les Paul Special

    My Gibson LP Special had been sitting in it's TKL case for a few months, just went to play it and the neck is noticeably twisted. What's my next move? Take it to a luthier? IMG_2163 by Sweetums posted Dec 30, 2020 at 11:22 AM IMG_2166 by Sweetums posted Dec 30, 2020 at 11:22 AM IMG_2169 by...
  2. Sweetums

    Any Epi Wildkat fans out there?

    2010 Epiphone Wildkat in Sunrise Orange by Sweetums posted May 18, 2019 at 7:27 PM Got this in a trade a while back. Absolutely love it. There's a lot of criticism on other forums for these. It seems like maybe the most serious flaw being the combo of the Bigsby trem plus a TOM bridge plus...
  3. Sweetums

    Why is this same LP being sold by so many people?

    Saw this LP Special on Reverb, then I saw the same exact guitar being offered by multiple sellers (all based in Japan) on eBay. What's going on here? Just the same seller going by different names on eBay? Doesn't seem to be a scam because of all the positive feedback. Help me out here...
  4. Sweetums

    2 amps wired to 1 set of speakers?

    Got a question. If I really like the speakers in a combo amp (AMP 1), is there any reason I could not / should not make a new input jack for just the speakers and run another amp head (AMP 2) through just the combo speakers? As long as I match wattage ratings, ohms, etc., this would work...
  5. Sweetums

    Tell me all about Les Paul Specials

    I've just about talked myself into getting a Gibson Les Paul Special with 2 P-90s but have some questions about them. 1. As far as I can tell, Gibson either makes these in limited numbers every year, or perhaps every few years. They are surprisingly hard to find compared to some other Les...
  6. Sweetums

    2016 SG Special T owners?

    Got to play one of these today in a store. Wow. Loved it. Didn't have the money today, and leaving it there on the racks felt like being away from a new partner. I like the weight, the shape (of course), the finish, and the fretboard / neck. I didn't crank it in the store, but it sounded...
  7. Sweetums

    Used Boss Mega Distortion MD-2

    Picked this up from a pawn shop for $13 due to the switch not working exactly right. Got it home, took the switch apart, hit it with Deoxit spray, now it works fine and it's good to go. Seems much more flexible than the DS-1, sounds best to me with the bottom low and the tone up. I was just...
  8. Sweetums

    Happy pawn shop visit = NCD

    I know, I know, it's not a guitar or an amp, but I thought I'd share the results of a very productive visit to one of my favorite pawn shops... 3 hard shell cases! Been looking for a hard case for the jazz bass for a while, as well as one that a tele or strat would fit in. I popped into a...
  9. Sweetums

    Epi Special II needed some love

    Thought I would share this project. Picked up an Epiphone Les Paul Special II a few weeks back from a pawn shop for $45US. Wasn’t really that bad off, just loose tuners, a few deep scratches, and crackly pots. - Cleaned and oiled the fretboard with lemon oil - Replaced stock plastic nut...
  10. Sweetums

    Awesome deal on a poker chip...

    S-l1600 by Sweetums posted Apr 3, 2016 at 12:39 AM Only asking $1899 US for it. What a deal!
  11. Sweetums

    Orange Micro vs. Blackheart Little Giant heads

    Hello all, I'm looking for a low wattage / affordable tube amp head for an 8 ohm cabinet with 2 x 10" Jensen Mod speakers mainly for practicing at home. I have played and liked the price and the British voicing of the Orange Micro Terror and the Micro Dark but at 20 watts they are maybe...
  12. Sweetums

    Telecaster / SG hybrid

    My favorite part is "Brand new SG Telecaster Hybrid"... A Squier tele neck and an Epi G-310 body? The only one on the block, indeed.
  13. Sweetums

    Gibson Marauder?

    I'm wondering if anybody at ESG has owned/played/loved/hated a Gibson Maruader. I haven't been able to find a lot of info about them as they seem to be an under-appreciated guitar from the Norlin era. I thought Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 toured with one in the mid and late 90s, but I may...
  14. Sweetums

    NGD Tele... but needs help

    Been looking for a Tele for a while. Found this Fender FSR 2011 made in Mexico used, not a scratch on it. Checking out, the guy says an employee in the drum department bought it back in '11 to learn on and didn't get into it, and just traded it back in. FSR = Fender Special Run = ash body...
  15. Sweetums

    Couple of super cheap pedals...

    Just got these recently and have really been enjoying them... IMG_2950 by Sweetums posted Jul 25, 2015 at 10:32 PM First up is the Donner Alchemy with 8 modulation effects (chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, pan, rotary, univibe, & vibrato) and 2 modes each, so there are many unique sounds. The...
  16. Sweetums

    Heritage Homage Fender Squier Tele?

    Saw this in a pawn shop. Curious about... 1. Why does it have Squier printed 4 times on the headstock? Twice on the front and twice on the back. 2. What's a Heirloom Homage and why does it have a it's own # on the back of the headstock. By the way, the 2nd serial number is FWTX14... &...
  17. Sweetums

    Stupid Deal of the Day: Future Tribute SG for $499

    Today's Stupid Deal of the Day at Musician's Friend is currently an Ebony SG Future Tribute for $499, plus you can get 4% cash back by using Ebates at MF.
  18. Sweetums

    What makes a bass amp?

    Stupid question, but what makes a bass amp a bass amp compared to a guitar amp? If you run bass speakers through a guitar amp head, will plugging in and playing a bass damage the head?
  19. Sweetums

    SG outsells Les Paul?

    Hello all, I was wondering if the learned members here could help explain something to me. In several different places (books & forums) I've seen figures comparing Gibson's SG and Les Paul sales figures, usually saying the SG has outsold the LP at something like a 3:1 to 5:1 ratio. What I'd...
  20. Sweetums

    Future Tribute for $499

    Today's Stupid Deal Of The Day at Musician's Friend is a Gibson SG Future Tribute in heritage cherry for $499. Free shipping in the US, and if you sign up for Ebates you get 4% cash rebate.

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