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  1. Sweetums

    Twisted neck on Les Paul Special

    Thanks for the encouraging words and advice. It is def twisted, the pic below may be clearer. Check out how the bottom of the nut lines up with the body. IMG_2171 by Sweetums posted Dec 31, 2020 at 11:11 AM
  2. Sweetums

    Twisted neck on Les Paul Special

    My Gibson LP Special had been sitting in it's TKL case for a few months, just went to play it and the neck is noticeably twisted. What's my next move? Take it to a luthier? IMG_2163 by Sweetums posted Dec 30, 2020 at 11:22 AM IMG_2166 by Sweetums posted Dec 30, 2020 at 11:22 AM IMG_2169 by...
  3. Sweetums

    Look, a shiny thingee up there

    If somebody from 1880 saw an airplane in flight they may not understand how it was possible. A jet breaking the sound barrier would be hard for most people in 1920 to understand. Telling somebody about a B2 Stealth Bomber would sound like science fiction to somebody in 1970. If twenty years...
  4. Sweetums

    Well, there goes the neighborhood. Modular guitar transformar guitar

    Not being snarky, I am genuinely curious about how the Boaz's plastic fretboard will look after a few years of use. Will owners treasure a scratched fretboard like well-worn maple or consider it flawed? Regardless of how one may feel about the design of the guitar, the number of donors and...
  5. Sweetums

    Opinions on Flatwounds?

    D'Addario's Half Rounds are a good compromise between flatwounds and roundwounds for me. They are super smooth with no "string squeak" but don't sound too mellow or too dull like a lot of flatwounds.
  6. Sweetums

    New SG Day !

    Nice! Beautiful woodgrain on that one.
  7. Sweetums

    New SG Day !

    You forgot the front view!
  8. Sweetums

    Any Epi Wildkat fans out there?

    2010 Epiphone Wildkat in Sunrise Orange by Sweetums posted May 18, 2019 at 7:27 PM Got this in a trade a while back. Absolutely love it. There's a lot of criticism on other forums for these. It seems like maybe the most serious flaw being the combo of the Bigsby trem plus a TOM bridge plus...
  9. Sweetums

    Question about Fender Champion 20 practice amplifier

    I second the Blackstar ID:Core line for a practice amp at this price. It's super easy to use and has impressed a lot of my pals who have played through mine.
  10. Sweetums

    Katana? Kemper? Mustang? Bah, humbug

    Hey, how easy is to put together the kit? Do you just need soldering skills or more involved like advanced amp knowledge / equipment? That looks great by the way.
  11. Sweetums

    Headstock angle of a Gibson guitar ...

    It would be interesting (and probably easy) to actually measure the string bend resistances / tensions of any number of bridges and string gauges. I really do wonder if there is a difference (and if so, how much) between the measurements of a nearly 45 degree through-body bridge vs. TOM bridge...
  12. Sweetums

    NGD: 66 Reissue

    That's an awesome deal. Enjoy!
  13. Sweetums

    Mary Paul's 1961 SG on Pawnshop Las Vegas, $90,000

    I wonder where that guitar ended up?
  14. Sweetums

    Mary Paul's 1961 SG on Pawnshop Las Vegas, $90,000
  15. Sweetums

    Playing before you buy?

    It's always smart to play before you pay, BUT... For a long time I wanted a tenor guitar, and specifically an Eastwood Warren Ellis Signature Tenor. 23" scale. 1 5/16" nut. 4 strings. Eastwood Warren Ellis Tenor 2P by Sweetums posted Jul 20, 2018 at 7:36 PM I tried to find one that I could...
  16. Sweetums

    Need a case.

    The Epiphone one is of course made for Epiphone SGs so it should be a good fit. The Musician's Gear fit my Epic G-400 fine. Both elevate the head so that it is not resting on anything, which is definitely good. Both have a storage compartment under the neck. Check out the reviews for these...
  17. Sweetums

    Need a case.

    How about the Epiphone case? Or if you're on a budget the Musician's Gear case? I had a Musician's Gear case for my G-400 and thought it was a good deal.
  18. Sweetums

    NGD - Gordon Smith GS1000

    Wow, that looks amazing, and the story behind it is great too. Please do update us when you get it back and are able to spend more time with it!
  19. Sweetums

    This is the real Frankenstrat !

    It's amazing what gets past QC on Friday afternoons.
  20. Sweetums

    Why is this same LP being sold by so many people?

    Do you think the new CITES regulations will mean this will get stuck in customs for a long time?

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