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  1. skelt101

    New SG Special Colors

    Two new colors now offered for the SG Special: I'm kind of surprised they didn't offer these straight out of the gate...
  2. skelt101

    FS: Gibson USA SG Case

    Anyone need a hard-shell case? I have one that came with a 2019 SG Special. Never gigged, as-new condition. That being said, the "Gibson USA" logo is a little light in one spot, and the vinyl covering has a slight crack where the bottom strap button is. Pictures can be provided on request...
  3. skelt101

    Gibson Custom Announces Tony Iommi Monkey SG

    No doubt aimed at the ultra (rich) collector, but exciting nonetheless! :dude:
  4. skelt101

    Lumpy's ZII/Lemon Drop 7 Series Overdrive

    Here we have a Lumpy's ZII/Lemon Drop! This pedal is notoriously hard to come by these days. Occasionally they are listed on eBay, but always get snatched up in a day or two. Great for getting those Vox UL tones! This unit is in Like-New Condition, as it was only used in my home for testing...
  5. skelt101

    Tone Bender MkII Pedals (BPC/JMI, Lumpy's, Manlay)

    Available are three MkII style Tone Benders from the British Pedal Company, Lumpy's Tone Shop and Manlay Sound. All are in Like New condition, only being used for test purposes in my Smoke-Free home. Only selling because I feel the Fuzz Face works better with my setup. The BPC Professional MkII...
  6. skelt101

    Gibson 57 Classic Set

    Here we have a set of Gibson 57 Classic Pickups. These were removed from my 2015 Les Paul Traditional Classic and are in Like-New condition. Both have about 15" of lead (they were not trimmed when removed from the guitar), have nickel plated covers and measure about 7.5K. You know them, love...
  7. skelt101

    Gibson SG '61 Reissue at Sweetwater!

    Hello folks, I'm not sure if this has been discussed yet. I was looking on the Sweetwater website this morning, and it appears they now carry a Gibson USA SG '61 Reissue, complete with ABR-1 bridge! Could this be an exclusive guitar? I haven't seen it offered anywhere else, yet... Anyway...
  8. skelt101

    SG Project Wiring Options

    Hello folks, I'm putting together an SG-style project guitar with 2 Gibson Iommi humbuckers (already have them) and am considering options on how to wire it up. It is going to have the traditional 2-volume, 2-tone look. My concern, after reading many online posts, is that the neck position may...
  9. skelt101

    Gibson Iommi SGs

    No affiliation with the sellers,just thought someone might find these interesting. Gibson Custom Shop Lefty: Gibson Custom Shop Tony Iommi SG Lefty | eBay Gibson USA: 2001 Gibson Tony Iommi SG Black Electric Guitar with OHSC RARE Guitar | eBay :cheers: :dude:
  10. skelt101

    New(To Me)AmpDay

    Hello folks, I just wanted to share my latest purchase with you, found used at a local Guitar Center: Mesa/Boogie Mark III! Guessing late '80s/early '90s, Blue Stripe Combo loaded with all the options (i.e. EVM 12L speaker, Graphic EQ, Reverb, SimulClass). It's a little dusty in some spots, but...
  11. skelt101

    Has This Been Posted Yet?

    It looks like zZounds has a Limited Edition run of SG Originals in a special (Antique Cherry) finish. Looks pretty sharp! :cheers:
  12. skelt101

    Jaydee Iommi Old Boy on eBay

    No affiliation with the seller, but thought somebody might find this interesting: Tony Iommi Jaydee SG Aged | eBay :cheers:
  13. skelt101

    Iommi Pickup Comparisons

    Hello there, I was wondering if anyone has experience comparing any of the pickups that Tony has used throughout his career. I'm in the early stages of putting together an Iommi-inspired guitar and am trying to get the specs sorted out. Specifically, from John Birch (Simplux, Hyperflux and...
  14. skelt101

    Has This Been Posted Yet? John Birch Reissues!

    John Birch Reissue 2014 reissues of the original guitars and pickups from the '70s catalogue! Sounds very interesting! :cheers:
  15. skelt101

    Color Suggestions...?

    Hi folks, Lately I've been inspired by the likes of SG Lou with his scratch builds, and Jimmy Rocket's Pelham Blue to start my own project. I'm considering putting together a Precision Guitar Kits SG together in the near future. As this would be my first go around putting together a guitar, I...
  16. skelt101

    FS: Rickenbacker 1997 RM RARE!!! $2350/obo

    Available just in time for the holiday season is a Rickenbacker 1997 Rose-Morris Reissue in rarely seen MapleGlo! Guitar is a 2000 model year (the last of regular production), with beautiful woodgrain throughout and is in near mint condition. OHSC included, as well as a black Rickenbacker strap...
  17. skelt101

    Gibson Jeff Tweedy SG Transformation

    Hi folks, I just wanted to share some new photos of my Jeff Tweedy SG. While the creme colored trim was interesting, I think I prefer the classic look of black. So, I decided to replace some hardware: 1. Truss Rod Cover is a Gibson Historic '61 with Les Paul script 2. Humbucker Mounting Rings...
  18. skelt101

    NGD Tweedy SG!

    Hello guys, I've been a lurking member for a few months now, but am finally ready to make my first post. Let's see how it goes! The Tweedy arrived a few weeks ago, and since then I've been getting to know it. Although not my first Gibson, it is my first SG. So far I am really enjoying it! Any...

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