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  1. davesultra

    What pickups are in Your SG? looking for opinions.

    Wolfetone “Mean” dogear P90 in my ‘21 Junior.
  2. davesultra

    2018 SG Jr

    I definitely have a love/hate relationship with those style wrapovers. When I had a ‘56 LP Junior the strings stayed put when doing bends due to there being grooves in the bridge that had developed over the years. I also have owned an R4 & R5 and both the newer Special & Junior. All but the...
  3. davesultra

    New SG Standard's Backorder Time

    Yeah, and? You stated they were out of stock everywhere, but it appears you were incorrect.
  4. davesultra

    New SG Standard's Backorder Time

    Musicians Friend has both Ebony and Cherry in stock.
  5. davesultra

    ‘61 Reissue Temptation

    Pickups are different* Body bevels are different Neck joint is different* Neck profile is different* Hardware is different* *Depending on year But yeah, just buy it!!! :D
  6. davesultra

    Which Gibson “Original” SG should I be looking at?

    I picked up the Maestro equipped variant about a month ago and couldn’t be more satisfied with it. Mine weighs in at 7.6lbs, so no neck dive whatsoever. I would have picked up the sideways vibrato model if they had one in stock. I really hardly ever touch the bar either. MojoAxe makes a nice kit...
  7. davesultra

    Am I the only one with tuning stability on my Maestro?

    FWIW- My ‘21 ‘61 RI Maestro equipped SG holds tune quite well. I do have to confess that I hardly ever touch it, and if so just for a little shimmer. I normally despise tremolo systems, as I don’t use them. Of the nearly 100 different Gibson guitars I’ve owned over the last 30+ years, this is...
  8. davesultra

    No longer f/s

    No longer for sale.
  9. davesultra

    Show us your Gibson SG with 5 ply wide bevel pickguard

    You axt for it, here ya’ go! 631C04E6-911D-448B-8E0C-831049E3FA52 by davesultra posted Apr 1, 2021 at 10:18 AM02C26414-BCC9-495C-AEAB-9F908783AF83 by davesultra posted Apr 1, 2021 at 10:18 AM
  10. davesultra

    No longer f/s

    I bought this brand new a little over a month ago, along with the hardshell case. I’ve since added 2 Gibson SGs’ to the stable, so I really don’t need 3. Ebony “Inspired by Gibson” Epiphone SG Standard in virtually new condition. It still has the plastic on the pickguard and back cover plate...
  11. davesultra

    Do You Play Your SG Differently?

    I use a pick.
  12. davesultra

    Marshall Lead 12

    I had one of those about 20 years ago. That was back when you could pick them up for around a hundred bucks. They sounded so much better with a speaker swap. I believe I put a Celestion 35w 10” speaker in it, and it really extended the frequency range. Too bad the prices are getting stupid on...
  13. davesultra

    Why Complain About Guitar Prices

    Because it’s so much fun!!! :naughty: And yes I pay more than I should seeing as I’ve been a crap player for 30 years. This one came to my place a little over a week ago. 2BC0DE2C-51DC-4391-B98E-1BAE0842D2B2 by davesultra posted Mar 19, 2021 at 7:22 PM
  14. davesultra

    What were the original tuners on Gibson SG Special 2003?

    I had an ‘01 Ebony Gloss Special that I foolishly sold. Was a nice 7.5lbs and balanced perfectly. Yes, Kluson style tuners will help a bit in alleviating the neck dive issue.
  15. davesultra

    Nines, Tens or Elevens? Advice for Noob

    I like 10-46. Nothing to do with tonality, it’s strictly a feel thing.
  16. davesultra

    SG Standard question.

  17. davesultra

    SG Standard question.

    Hey everybody, hope everyone is doing well & "bug free". I'm curious to find out if anyone knows what the first year was for PC board electronics in the SG Standard. I recently picked up an '09 off of "FleaBay" and the seller claims it was all original. Besides the overall description being way...
  18. davesultra

    Vintage 1979 Gibson “The SG” Walnut Solidbody For Sale - Near Mint Condition

    I love my '01 SG (non faded) Special.
  19. davesultra

    SG in need of new volume pots


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