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    Need a song name from the past!

    Zep, I really need to find this and can't remember the name of the band OR the title of the song, but would mean much to me to find it. The song is probably from the 70's It could be by "the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band" or Goose Creek Symphony", but I can't find it. All I remember is a...
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    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    a letter from a woman in Arizona . She writes an open letter to our nation's leadership: I'm a home grown American citizen, 53, registered Democrat all my life. Before the last presidential election I registered as a Republican because I no longer felt the Democratic Party represents my views...
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    Fretless guitar?

    Hey guys, I have a friend that wants to do an experiment by making a fretless guitar, thinkin he wants the dots for reference, but otherwise fretless. Anyone have any input for him?
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    Obamas past revealed?

    show on fox news tonight...supposedly media conspiracy to keep his past out of the press, someone speaking out at 9pm eastern time on fox news.
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    HAY! HAY!

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    i BET you've never seen THIS!!

    i sold the SRV....she went for $2176.99 now, i'm sad i had to sell her, you KNOW that....... the odd thing is that i had i think 1475.00 BIN...... how the freakin' hell can that happen?
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    Billy Sheehan shreds the Bass....

    EVH gots nothin on this cat.....last couple minutes are the best!!
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    Ric Ocasek stalking Todd Rundgren??

    it's at the end part....
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    who's 'Modular?? he's a moderator......
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    signature guitar suggestions....

    seems the guitar companies are on a signature guitar bent these days.....who do you guys think should be next in line?? Johnny Winters Gibson Firebird distinguished by a series of white "rails" for fret markers and 'silver train' logo at 12th fret...... ;D
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    wwwwWhere'd he go??

    our old pal Elliot Easton hasn't spoken much lately. seen him lurking around from time to time tho-. i sent him an ETSG postcard from all of us too!!
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    WTF was THAT?

    was banned last night, couldn't even sign on as a guest meesage said "sorry skidshark, you are baned from using this forum"
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    cookin out tomorrow?

    this years 'must have' cook-out gear.....
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    anyone know what's got him down?? i know he's "at that age", but sounds kind of desparate to me...
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    using LP pots on SG

    yep i did it....ordered an RG guitarworks kit and they sent the long shank pots by mistake...which i realized after i had the whole thing soldered up!.....(aaaargh!) i could have cut some pvc pipe to size, but being much too lazy for the measuring and such i decided to use washers
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    snoopin guests

    i haven't paid much attention til just recently, but noticing lots of guests lookin at members profiles, once 3 guests lookin at em at the same time! wierd??
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    i REALLY went down to the crossroads!!

    whoa...just got the pics out from a sideroad jaunt i made in Georgia last week. i saw a sign for "the crossroads church" and decided to investigate.....i still got the willies i tell ya! first off, the place was deserted and had been for some time obviously. the church looked like a...
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    General posts

    okay, just what ARE the rules for posting in the general section? we can talk about dogs, but not airplanes? i'm obviously missing something and probably should have this spelled out for me....i'm kinda dense sometimes so if someone would use short words please help me out here...
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    okay...i'm a DOOF! (help?

    i'm going nuts the MM soooo close to firing her back up, and still can't find a normal looking toggle to fit without routing, so i just wanna hook up the pups direct to the switch. i got the scratchplate made, the pups are in there, and the RS kit is soldered's...
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    ETSG CD ???

    i was looking at cafepress the other day, and noticed that they now do CD's.... seems like a wonderful opportunity to show off what the SG has, is, and can do to me! i started to post this under "what this place needs is" but figured maybe best brought up here......whatta ya think...

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