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  1. skydog6653

    Wanted: Frank Zappa Roxy SG

    Good call, @pancake81! Flushed that scammer out of the brush!
  2. skydog6653

    Template/dimensions for locating tailpiece holes

    What you can’t get on all models (in fact, on very few models), is a decent size neck.
  3. skydog6653

    Template/dimensions for locating tailpiece holes

    I’m considering a vibrola SG but would want to convert it to a tailpiece bridge. Has anyone here done that before? Good idea or bad?!
  4. skydog6653

    Help me find my next SG

    that IS big!
  5. skydog6653

    Help me find my next SG

    My sentiments exactly! I sold my 1963 SG JR because of the flat thin neck.
  6. skydog6653

    Help me find my next SG

    Perfectly stated! This one here fits the bill (pun intended), but I don’t require a 5K SG either.
  7. skydog6653

    Help me find my next SG

    I’m not in any great hurry but this time I refuse to compromise. My next SG will have the following specs: Gibson, Heritage Cherry lacquer, rosewood fretboard/trapezoids, humbuckers, large C neck ([email protected] minimum), tailpiece/bridge (no vibrato!). One-piece body is a definite plus. Everything...
  8. skydog6653

    Terry McInturff Polaris Pro

    *SOLD* on Reverb
  9. skydog6653

    SG cases on MF SDOTD!
  10. skydog6653

    Terry McInturff Polaris Pro

    Maple over mahogany body, mahogany neck w/ rosewood fretboard. Seymour Duncan Antiquities w/ Terry’s Maxi-Q controls. Terry’s G&G green case. All in great shape, ready to go. $1499 ConUS, PP
  11. skydog6653

    Where Is Mick Taylor's SG?

    I’m fairly certain he still owns it.
  12. skydog6653

    What is this model?

    If it was local I’d pay $550 for that all day.
  13. skydog6653

    WTB Gibson SG '61 Reissue in Ebony

    There is a nice ‘62 listed on TGP:
  14. skydog6653

    Can anyone ID if this is authentic or not? 2007 SG Special Faded

    Nobody in their right mind is going to fake a 2007 SG Faded.
  15. skydog6653

    Would you guys be satisfied with this light of a fretboard?
  16. skydog6653

    You've been had! Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray!

    This is the set that first interested me in SG's. Carlos later said he'd dropped mescaline several hours before their scheduled start, but was forced on much earlier due to earlier scheduled bands unable to make it due to traffic. He spent the whole set thinking his SG was a cobra and he had to...
  17. skydog6653

    Help me identify this SG?

    That's an organ donor. No sense throwing good money after bad. Find a ‘clean’ husk and perform the transplant.
  18. skydog6653

    Comparison: Gibson vs Epiphone

    That's where you draw the line on these?!
  19. skydog6653

    Fairly rare bird!

    I'm not sure, because if you look at this pic, it seems to indicate this is a much faded ‘Ferrari Red’.

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