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  1. ungarn

    NAD - Ampeg SS140C

    Predecessor to the mitey VH140c. Notorious for dirty Jack's causing the volume cut you described. Open up and clean with contact cleaner. Usually all it takes is a patch cable in the effects loop. If still at pawn shop may be a bargain.
  2. ungarn

    Does the EMG solderless wiring system fit on a 61

    Battery should fit in cavity. Probably do not need the long shaft pots required for Les Paul guitars. EMGs sound great in my Explorer and Les Paul.
  3. ungarn

    Bridge pickup recommendation for a 2016 Gibson SG HP

    It is a best...have to try lots to figure out what works for YOU...
  4. ungarn

    Bridge pickup recommendation for a 2016 Gibson SG HP

    Don't forget the overdrive for the chugs!
  5. ungarn

    Bridge pickup recommendation for a 2016 Gibson SG HP

    From your list Duncan Distortion. Suggest checking out new Duncan Jupiter 6. Be sure to use a tube screamer or maxon OD808 to tighten up and push that 6505.
  6. ungarn

    Help choosing an SG on Reverb

    If your budget allows, spring for a Gibson SG Standard. On a stricter budget go for an Epiphone G-400. Then rock. \m/
  7. ungarn

    Versatile Combo

    My stock pups tone improved by 1. Raising screws until threads show and 2. Replacing stock Gibson pots and wiring with quality 500k pots. If you need brighter tone than that, Gibson 57 Classic would be good stary.
  8. ungarn

    Pedals through solid state amps

    Yes and yes also. Suggest Xotic AC Comp pedal for what you described.
  9. ungarn

    Your three must have pedals.

    Wah, tube screamer ish, tuner. My current is Dunlop Kirk Hammett wah, Ibanez TS9 nodded to 808, Boss TU-2.
  10. ungarn

    Dimarzio Norton

    Dimarzio 36th would be good match. Most use 500k with Dimarzio, but if there is enough treble no need to change.
  11. ungarn

    1st Pedalboard

    Try guitar >SF>BM>Tuner SF can boost the BM, and buffered signal not into fuzz. \m/
  12. ungarn

    1982 Marshall 5005 Lead 12 Combo

    Very cool amp, and a blast to run onto a 4x12 cab. Definitely sounds like a Marshall.
  13. ungarn

    NAD soon PRS Archon 50 combo

    Archon kinda has a Rectifier vibe on the gain channel, enjoy!
  14. ungarn

    Hell Bent for SG's...

    I know this is more of a vintage JP thread...but give the latest release Firepower a chance...Rob sounds great and Ritchie is a heckuva player.
  15. ungarn

    Hell Bent for SG's...

    Les Binks just joined KK's Priest, Ripper Owen's on vocals!
  16. ungarn

    My Review of the Klon KTR

    That is a really great pedal, enjoy! Soul Food is good too, but not the same pedal at all.
  17. ungarn

    Your Preferred Pick?

    Best balance of volume, attack, wear resistance and tone for me in .94,100197
  18. ungarn

    Thoughts on Mesa Boogie Mark V 35.

    In my opinion, the distinctive Marshall midrange just cannot be duplicated with a Mesa Mark or similar. I tried and tried. They are capable of many wonderful tones, just not that specific one.
  19. ungarn

    Thoughts on Mesa Boogie Mark V 35.

    Mesa Mark amps are GREAT. They will NOT bark like a Marshall, so do not get one for those specific tones.
  20. ungarn

    Marshall Origin 4x12, ORI412A

    Gibson + Marshall just works. Congrats!

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