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  1. Blues Jam

    Power attenuator for less than $200 with dummy load

    Seeking suggestions for best power attenuator, under $200 with dummy load. I don't care about a line out options. I might do a DIY as I'm on a budget. I'm just trying to tame my 50 Watt Marshall JCM 800, it's a pretty powerful amp. I'm already nearly there, so the attenuation will approach, or...
  2. Blues Jam

    Live online jamming

    Im looking for suggestions for which online "jam" service is recommended. Jamkazam seems like an interesting way to go, but their jamblaster is not ready yet, although I think peeps still jam together if they already have quick (low latency) connections. Im thinking of getting either mic'ing...
  3. Blues Jam

    Hello from Michigan

    Im a former poster here at ETSG, but it's been a while since I've been around, years I guess. These days Im into alternative energy, alternative healing and recumbent bikes. I still have my 01 Gib SG, black STD, into Marshall amp, but my JCM800 is out of commission, not sure what is wrong with...

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