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  1. AngelDeVille

    A gold top that doesn’t weigh more than my mother-in-law

    Got here today, new strap, strings, knobs and a setup… Fender FSR Telecaster dimarzio SD and PAF pro…. Funkin hate pull pots but that will get changed someday…
  2. AngelDeVille

    An actual upgrade...

    This... Plus this.... I just won the harmonica bridge off eBay. I may even have use for the fubared tailpiece... I kinda like it. I ordered a complete metric bridge just in case the harmonica posts are metric, as I need to get rid of this roller crap bridge on my strat...
  3. AngelDeVille

    If the SG never existed...

    I would be fine with the Epiphone Crestwood Custom. Epiphone has really hit it out of the park here lately... I don’t have my tracking number yet...
  4. AngelDeVille

    Why am I getting alerts for this crap?

    this is a guitar forum whomever put me on an alert list for this crap should be banned or removed from their admin duties.
  5. AngelDeVille

    Kenny Rogers 1938-2020

  6. AngelDeVille

    PRS not just a warmed over LP/Strat

    I have purposely avoided PRS guitars, because the workmanship looks too good.... OK I have noodled on a few soapbars... friggin excellent.... PRS has always impressed me as either a super strat on steroids, or a refined Les Paul. Made a trade yesterday for a 2014 US S2 Singlecut. I'd compare...
  7. AngelDeVille

    What do you do with an extra LP Jr. pickguard?

    Before.... After.....
  8. AngelDeVille

    FenderBird build is a go...

    I should have the body by early next week. It will be a lighter blue than Pelham, but not sure exactly what shade. EMG JV Jazz pickups Not positive which neck, but most likely the rosewood Pbass.. If I use the Tele neck I have to call her a TeleBird..
  9. AngelDeVille

    2018 Special mini

    As an offshoot of the other mini thread, I picked this up after a decent discount. I changed the knobs to my favorite Fender Amp knobs, and added Dunlop strap locks. I’m reading 16.3 neck and 16.4 on the bridge. This proves that the resistance readings don’t tell the full story of pickup...
  10. AngelDeVille

    Finally got a Wilshire!

    It’s some dudes signature model but it’s got the features I want. Single volume, the all important kill switch and a 6 position varitone. Frank Iero from “My Chemical Romance” signature model. Maybe I can pick up on some tattooed goth chicks finally.
  11. AngelDeVille

    Got some robotuners on the way...

    We will see how the work in real life... Should be here sometime this week. Ohh yeah they are attached to a 2017 HP Flying V.... I’ll need some covers for the pickups... I hope it doesn’t neck dive.
  12. AngelDeVille

    Did I find a Les Paul I don’t hate?

    No, I found 2... I had looked at the gold top p90 Les Pauls, and kinda thought they were ok, but not enough to ever buy one... Now I find these 2, and can’t decide which I like more... I understand the BFG came out a few years ago and had a Humbucker in the bridge and a p90 in the neck...
  13. AngelDeVille

    V Times 3

    I just happened to have all 3 out tonight. L to R. Epiphone Bonamassa “Amos”, 2004 Gibson, Hamer Vector. Post yours...
  14. AngelDeVille

    stoopid deal Gibson

    Gibson 2016 SG Faded Series T Electric Guitar Worn Brown
  15. AngelDeVille

    NGD Destroyer and SuperStrat

    Both of these popped up on craigslist last week, and the first to contact me was the Squier, so I thought I would lose out on the Destroyer since I ran out of money.... When I got more money the Destroyer was still available... 1998 Squier with and early Floyd Rose, MIK, Razz Berry 2013...
  16. AngelDeVille

    I think I’m in love... Headless SG...

    I want one...
  17. AngelDeVille

    Not a Strat guy, so this one must be special...

    One of the few strats I do like... 1999-2002 Tokai made Yngwie Strat... Pictured with the set list from last years concert... From last years concert...
  18. AngelDeVille

    Floyd and the SG

    **** Yeah! Damn this thing is awesome! Floyd Rose FXR
  19. AngelDeVille

    This is local, does it look legit?

    Is it worth checking out?
  20. AngelDeVille

    New SGS3 too! And a little P'Oed at AMS

    I wanted to be like the other cool kids so I ordered a SGS3! I figured I'd be even cooler because I ordered the one that had the listed weight of 9lbs 6oz... Not even fukkin close to 9lbs.... Near as I can figure with my bathroom scale its probably 6lbs 6oz... And that's with the vibrola! So...

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