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    Need a song name from the past!

    Zep, I really need to find this and can't remember the name of the band OR the title of the song, but would mean much to me to find it. The song is probably from the 70's It could be by "the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band" or Goose Creek Symphony", but I can't find it. All I remember is a...
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    The KKK was started by Dems

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    Finally got myself an SG!

    SHWEET! all's well that ends well!
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    Gibson announces new SG

    (saw that coming)
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    Fretless guitar?

    DANG! no input from Lou at all??????? ?x22,000!!!!
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    Mommy, Please Make It Stop.

    maybe you should invite your mom to join the forums...there's a few that need some slappin around and only a mom can get away with it!
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    R.I.P. Les Paul

    R.I.P. Les. your spirit will continue to be an inspiration to anyone that matters in the guitar realm. I'm gonna go buy me some Coors and make a redneck look like an idiot in your honor! (no offense to any rednecks on this forum....okay maybe a couple.....
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    HAY! HAY!

    I guess the walls are kind of thin....
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    Mommy, Please Make It Stop.

    the least they could do is make the top open up for easy modding! yep Bo-Diddly's gone Goth on us!
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    pull it over boys....

    did you see the build 1way posted on another forum? he did a pink guitar and modded it with a pocket-pu$$y mounted on the back!
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    ;D ;D
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    HAY! HAY!

    I'll bring the canoe if you'll bring the beer!
  13. S it real or fake?

    Good show.....proceed with confidence!
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    Had aA Visit From A Tornado Today.

    Wow..looked pretty hairy! Glad it wasn't a video of you swirling around like Dorothy with your house following you around! hehehe...mental image of you on a bicycle with pigtails peddling thu the air!
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    HAY! HAY!

    I tell ya what happened to me guys.... see, i was riding by this mini-storage warehouse, and there was a big boxtruck there with a sign on it that said "free truck for moving" I figured, what the hey! FREE TRUCK! HA! not really, just really hard times....gettin back on track tho.
  16. S it real or fake?

    sorry to hear it didn't work out antz, at least the only thing lost is your time and stress? Good Luck on the new purchace!
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    Hey Hummer!

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    Fair Price's for SG's?

    you're lookin for SG guru's on another forum???? and repeating it HERE?
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    Hey Hummer!

    sounds good duder.... BTW, might I suggest as a new avatar?....heheheheeee
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    Insurance insider tells all

    I thank God that I have V.A. benefits. I hate it, but I'd be totally without if not for it! Thanks for your tax dollars guys.....otherwise I'd be up the shitzu canal without a lifesaver....errrr...howz that saying go again?

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