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    Never trust your guitar stand... EVER!

    This is probably the wrong section to post in, but I need to vent. I was recording at my computer with my newly worked on 61 Reissue. This guitar means the WORLD to me. As I went to go get a drink, I put it down on my Ultra guitar stand and walked away. As I got out of the room, I heard a crash...
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    Returning with a message...

    Note: All that follows is purely opinion, sans the first two intro paragraphs, which, I assume, would be what we call "fact". Hey all, It's been forever since I've posted here. Death of a few family members plus an intense school year have practically ended any life I have had...
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    It's Only Getting Worse...

    Hey all, Figured I'd give a little status update. At the tender age of 16, my guitar playing career may be over. 2 days ago during gym, as I was going up for a catch, I had our school's starting varsity running back run into my forearm, while a lineman hit my upper arm going the opposite...
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    A warning to all...

    DRIVE WITH CAUTION! I haven't been able to frequent the website recently or play guitar due to a great tragedy my family has endured. Uncle Vin was one of the greatest, hardest working men that it was ever my pleasure to know. His loss has...
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    My DSL-50

    Hey all, Quick thought. My Marshall DSL-50 seems to be dying a slow death. The sound isn't what I remember it being, and the tone seems sucked right out of it. I haven't made any mods to my signal path/guitars/the amp itself. The tubes seem to be fine. Any thoughts? EDIT: I've decided after 2...
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    Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz

    So, I figured I'd get this review up soon enough. I got a set of nickle covered JB/Jazz pickups for Christmas. I had played a friend's ESP Eclipse, and I was impressed by the variety of tones I could coax out of 'em. I was getting rather tired of the stock pup's in my Gibson SG Special, so I...
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    Boss Noise Suppressor NS-2

    Just picked one up from under the Christmas tree! I didn't really expect it to kill all my hum. I didn't really expect it to let me keep my tone. But dear God, this thing has given me the ability to play...
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    Help in looking for a band...

    Hey all. I've been looking for a band to join for the past 4 months. Every talented musician I've come in contact with is in a band. I think I'm losing my mind! I have such an intense desire to make music. I have alot of material, from lyrics to guitar to bass, but I need a group to flesh them...
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    Was watching the R30 DVD today... Figured I'd share Alex ripping on his SG on Roll the Bones and The Seeker! That, my friends, is tone!
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    So, I am finally happy with the tone coming from my amp! Woo! ...Other than the fact that my Marshall 1936 2x12 can't take the bass sounds that I want to put out from my DSL 50. I'm in the market for a 4x12 that will be able to handle a good amount of bass. I'm not talking over the top, 7...
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    It's so close... My local music store just got one of those bad boys in... For $2,455. The price is near irresistable. :Droolin:
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    One Man Song Used to think this guy was a joke. But this is amazing.
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    We've always complained about the amount of Les Pauls...

    Well, looks like Gibson is taking action. Check out the discontinuing. :( Edit: Looks like they're getting rid of the Firebird Studio as well...
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    Where did that thread go?

    Where did we stash that thread where one of our members refinished that Les Paul BFG?
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    Prepare for mental shutdown Oh yes, you've waited all your life for it! I present to you... STEVEN SEAGAL PLAYING GUITAR!!!
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    In case you all haven't discovered this yet... This site has very high quality recordings of alot of bands live. Currently got Rush at the Maple Leaf Gardens in '84 playing. Figured I should share!
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    To those LOG fans out there... 'Scuse the fight scene at the start. But check out the pickin' at about 3:00!
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    DSL 50 tube issue

    Hey all. Mind clearing up for me how often tubes blow? Because I've just lost my third this year. I don't overplay it, I adhere to proper tube care, but three different tubes in three different positions sounds kinda fishy to me. >:(
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    Why doesn't my DSL sound like this?! That clean is great, and I get nowhere near that distorted tone... Is it really those EMG's?
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    Coheed And Cambria: Neverender Guess who got VIP tickets for all 4 nights? ;)

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