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    About robot guitars---Is it true?

    Hi all, I was surprised to read the caption about Gibson robot guitar in a guitarshop site in Japan. "The circuit of the robot guitar cannot be repaired if it is broken." Is it true?? My daughter is now 20 months old. Time flies! :)
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    Gibson SG - serial number 92335399

    Hi My wife has a 1994 one. It's on the left.
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    Cheaper Mustang Project

    Looks far better with that tortoise pickguard! Nice mod! O0
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    Mustang Project

    Thanks guys, I'm now waiting for an ESP pickup coming... It's a single-coil-size humbucker.
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    Mustang Project

    I bought this Fernandes Mustang body/neck. I'm going to do some "easy" customizing. I made an extra cavity (don't know if this is the right word) for a Kahler. I left other cavities so that I can easily put a Dynamic trem if I want to. This is very easy! So easy that I got...
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    Goth G400

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    New Epiphone 1961 Special

    Whoa! I want one!! :Droolin: :Droolin:
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    Not for sale...

    Thanks. Uh...she looks like a boy. Most people take her as a boy and kinda say, "What a cute boy!" hahaha Well...little by little things start to be settled down seems to me that the gov takes follow-up measures. There still are a mountain of problems to solve. And yes, nuke...
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    Not for sale...

    Inspired by "School of Rock SG" pic. SORRY, NOT FOR SALE!
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    What Year & Model Could This SG Be?

    I think that's a modified SG Pro.;topic=21595.0;num_replies=1
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    Black Betty!!!

    :Droolin: :Droolin: :Droolin: 
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    Some new pictures of my 62 Ebony Block

    Beeeeeautiful!!!!! :Droolin:
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    1993 Korina SG

    Korina SG is one of my dream guitars.
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    Goth G400

    Great project!! I did the similar project before. Yes, I painted mine TV yellow, too! Be sure to take a lot of pics!!
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    Pacific Tsunami.

    guys, First of all, I thank you very much for many countries' rescue teams coming here to help us. And my family and I are quite safe and living as usual. Well, it's a nightmare. Things are going pretty bad. At the nuke power plant, a certain amount of radiation is leaking... Over 10 thousand...
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    Pacific Tsunami.

    Dear guys, We are safe, thank you. John (guitarweasel) kindly gave an e-mail asking if we were OK. We live in Kyoto, far away from the suffered areas. There is no serious damage here. However, those areas are now still in danger due to repeating aftershocks. There was an explosion at the...
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    Judas Priest Strat

    Thanks guys. I wish they were so...actually they are old Fernandes (Burny) pups.
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    Judas Priest Strat

    Hi all, Recently I started modifying my junk strat. It's almost finished. It's a Judas Priest strat! Let me post some pix. Together with my Greco Judas Priest SG.
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    Unknown SG Identification?

    That guitar is a Gibson all-american SG I (AKA SG X). There are some pix at the bottom of the following link.

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