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  1. ricardo_vicente

    Classic 57 / P94 combination. Opinions? Experience?

    Hi folks, I have a 2014 Standard .... You may remember it, it's this one: I have since put in a set of P94s as I am a big fan of P90s. The guitar sounds great but I still have the 57 Classics and got to thinking ... A P90-type pickup in the neck often works really well with a humbucker in...
  2. ricardo_vicente

    Help me answer a 20 year question.

    Smart advice. I have a 2014 which is a great guitar without the Min-ETune ...
  3. ricardo_vicente

    NAD Vox AC15 HW1

    Thanks! It's a 2014 Standard. It has some kind of anniversary inlay and came with Min-ETune, which I replaced.
  4. ricardo_vicente

    NAD Vox AC15 HW1

    Now, don't they make a lovely couple ... :D The 330 didn't want to feel left out ...
  5. ricardo_vicente

    NAD Vox AC15 HW1

    Awesome! I think I mentioned above that I had the AC30 CCH head for a good few years. It was great. I've just picked up my SG from the luthier who was giving the electronics a once-over, so I'm going to slap on some new strings and listen to that SG/Vox combo again for myself!
  6. ricardo_vicente

    NAD Vox AC15 HW1

    Not really. Flipped back and forth a lot while I was recording but for whatever reason the clips of the neck and bridge never made the final video. I've always played a lot in the middle position though. I feel at home there. :D
  7. ricardo_vicente

    NAD Vox AC15 HW1

    It's the HW1, so it's got the greenback in it. This is me just running through the controls at home in the apartment, so I'm playing extremely quietly. Not the ideal demo but it does give you an idea of just what you can do with the master volume. Some of the clean sounds are with the master...
  8. ricardo_vicente

    Travel overseas with my Gibson SG using OHSC (TKL)

    I made the mistake of checking my Rickenbacker 330/12 on a flight just recently (I even paid extra for "transportation of a musical instrumentin the hold"). The standard Rickenbacker case is an SKB and as solid as a rock so I wasn't too worried. That didn't stop the baggage handlers from...
  9. ricardo_vicente

    NAD Vox AC15 HW1

    Today I kept a promise I made to myself a while ago ... I had been through quite a few different amps, finally settling on my AC30 CC1 (head and cab version) as my main amp for gigging, but then I gave up actively playing (at least anywhere where I could play loud), so I got rid of lots of...
  10. ricardo_vicente


    .......... ........ ........ My mods? I took off the Min-ETune and changed the truss rod cover :rofl:
  11. ricardo_vicente

    Someone to keep the SG company (NGD!)

    Another plain top fan here. Congrats on the cool new guitar. Do these still come with the hot cermaic humbuckers like they did a few years back or has the spec changed there too? I note they no longer come with fluorescent snot green inlays, which is a plus! :D
  12. ricardo_vicente

    George Harrison's Gibson SG Sells At Auction

    The sound of Revolver. Didn't realised he'd given it to Peter Ham. Thanks for sharing.
  13. ricardo_vicente

    Opinions on Harley Benton Guitars?

    This guy has a lot of useful reviews: I have a Harley Benton short scale bass for recording at home. It's a perfectly usable solid musical instrument. Stays in tune fine.
  14. ricardo_vicente

    So let's see those pedalboards!!!

    Korg Pitchblack polyphonic tuner. Picked it up a week or so ago and it seems great so far.
  15. ricardo_vicente

    So let's see those pedalboards!!!

    Here's one variant of my little setup ... Though probably my favourite overdrive is missing. I think I'd have one or even two of these on any live rig. I even have matching shoes! :D
  16. ricardo_vicente

    Mooer pedals - rough demo of various mini pedals

    Oops! This should be in the "Effects" subsection.
  17. ricardo_vicente

    Mooer pedals - rough demo of various mini pedals

    As a fun little project, I bough myself one of the Mooer cases for 6 effects and set about building a mini version of my main pedal board. I completed the setup with the Mooer Repeater digital delay this morning and knocked up a quick demo. Apologies for the distorted sound. It is partly due to...
  18. ricardo_vicente

    Jason Voorhees Flying V signature model

    Wow! That's even more nuts!
  19. ricardo_vicente

    Jason Voorhees Flying V signature model

    I was watching "Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan" the other night - yeah, seriously - and one of the victims of the film is a young girl who plays a purple Flying V. In her first scene she is miming to music played on her stereo and I notice there's a part in the guitar solo with...
  20. ricardo_vicente

    Any red flags here?

    What a beauty! I figure if I take up smoking 40 a day, my Alpine White Standard will look like that in a few years! :D

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