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  1. Lynurd Fireburd

    New SG Jr: Ridiculous errors!! Should I write to Gibson?

    Same. My DC Jr's uncompensated bridge (vs all my other lightening style) is solid & intonated perfectly. It's magic.
  2. Lynurd Fireburd

    Anyone else got pickups cutting thru pickguard?

    As is the thread title.
  3. Lynurd Fireburd

    Am I the only one with tuning stability on my Maestro?

    I can walk over to my rack and pick up my Maestro equipped guitar and it might be off a scootch. Maybe. Trogly's developing into a cult of pre-teens. Between the horrible lust over everything flamed with candy finishes and gizmos, he's just unwatchable. He goes through an insane amount of...
  4. Lynurd Fireburd

    Show us your Gibson SG with 5 ply wide bevel pickguard

    What is the bevel angle on these? I had a CNC friend cut me a new one but I dont think the edges were as beveled as we anticipated.
  5. Lynurd Fireburd

    SG Homicide Frankentar

    For the love of all things holy. He was attempting a B-Bender. :facepalm:
  6. Lynurd Fireburd

    Maestro Vibrola with or without ! help me pick

    And he seems to have weaseled into catching Gibson's ear, seeming to effortlessly getting huge chunks of desirable models to sell off. Gibson is prob stoked for the free advertising.
  7. Lynurd Fireburd

    Maestro Vibrola with or without ! help me pick

    Troglys a bit of a doofus. I watch his vids because.... guitars. His narration and knowledge doesnt really garner any wisdom imo. Also, that SG he's showing off has an issue that we've discussed here. The comb angle on that Maestro is wonky. That's usually found in the import knock offs but...
  8. Lynurd Fireburd

    Gibson SG 2017 Standard T - Pelham Blue Lacquer issues

    Lacquer checks. Wood expands & contracts. You dont think your climate changes within your home or region? It does. This is a given. I wish I had more guitars that did this. I dont see the problem here. Its beautiful.
  9. Lynurd Fireburd

    Asking all the owners of SGs fitted with Bigsbys

    Love the Lonnie Mack V.
  10. Lynurd Fireburd

    FS: 1998 Gibson SG

    Sorry I missed this fun. fyi- Rob is a solid individual. If he sticks around these parts he'd be a welcome, knowledgable addition to this board.
  11. Lynurd Fireburd

    2014 sgj whats is it worth

    I really wanted one a few yrs ago. A forum member had one listed for $350 in the classifieds. Not sure if it ever sold, even at that price. I couldnt get myself to purchase it. .81 at the first fret is not a thick neck, imo. Might have enough shoulder on it to make it feel chunky, but I just...
  12. Lynurd Fireburd

    Help with short Vibrola (on a V)

    I've never heard of the Vibrolas coming with different degrees of angles on the "flange". I have 2. 1 aftermarket ebay purchase & 1 came on an inexpensive IYV. The IYV had the same poor angle as the OP's & so I swapped it with the spare. Perfect. I think this is just poor tolerances in...
  13. Lynurd Fireburd

    New Damaged 12 string on the way

    Gawd I love a good knee jerk reaction these days. That's what the ignore function is for.
  14. Lynurd Fireburd

    New Damaged 12 string on the way

    I got my Aria 12 string after looking at another guitar from a seller for $20. I think they pulled out the 16th fret on a meth binge.
  15. Lynurd Fireburd

    2019 SG Special Vibrola Ri

    Wish it had the long Vibrola but still bad ass.
  16. Lynurd Fireburd

    Squier S-73

    Are there 2 pickups stuffed into the bridge position?
  17. Lynurd Fireburd

    Squier S-73

    For a product badged with the "Squier" name it is impressive. I dont know if I would compare it with the Guild or Dearmond versions but the price keeps it close. From a tone perspective I wouldn't compare them. The Squier has DD humbuckers. Although they're supposedly modeled after the Duncan...
  18. Lynurd Fireburd

    Soon NGD Guild S100 - second one made of the 90's reissues.

    Nice! I got the Fender/Squier version in CAR. It is a beautiful thing.
  19. Lynurd Fireburd

    Jim Crow has not left the building

    Gangstalking is a Federal offense. I wouldn't bother with "the laws where he lives", nor would I rest until this is resolved. I'd go through any other Federal Bureau until I got some kind of action, especially if this has been documented. Easy for me to say sitting somewhat comfortably in my...
  20. Lynurd Fireburd

    Jim Crow has not left the building

    Yours is the 2nd similar story i've read on a guitar forum this week. Your cousin might want to look into gangstalking laws where he lives. I sympathize. This forum seems to have a very relaxed politics discussion rule. This thread would have been shut down long ago everywhere else.

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