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  1. happy_tom

    Latest Worn G-400 with binding?

    after reading through 6 pages of rants.... :redface: Is there any definite way to know which fadeds now have binding, or is it a guessing game? Anybody in Europe already has this? doesnt seem to have them, but then again, it takes a while to update the photos... Yes, I do...
  2. happy_tom

    The Offset Thread.

    My favorite couple
  3. happy_tom

    Custom shop G-310?

    There was a Gutar wolf 'signature' model of g310 a while ago... It had some alnico pickupps and the custom black color with blue stripes,I dunno about any other models, though :squint:
  4. happy_tom

    a royal flush of SGs (pic heavy)

    Hi guys. Its been a looooong time since last post. Probably becouse I've switched back to being a full time drummer and spent all my money on cymbals rather than guitars... until now :smile: Still got all of the guitars, and I added a couple recently. Luckily for me, our lead...
  5. happy_tom

    Set Neck 60's EB-3 short scale.

    Still got mine, and as time passes, just love it more and more! I have an acces to a 1971 jazz bass, and between the two, all ground is covered. EB excells at both 1960s garage style 'plunk plunk' and heavy psych/stoner stuff, and its more versatile than they give it credit for...
  6. happy_tom

    So, here's the 2015 SG's...

    hah, I was jsut gonna post that, but you beat me to it, I was just checking it out after a few months to see what's new... What a sorry sight... :( Epiphone SG Guitars
  7. happy_tom

    SG with p90s ?

    Tokai SG-SP Special Cherry Red Traditional Series Electric Guitar - Jacks Music - Australia there are japanese Tokai and Bacchus varaint that are supposedly insanely good, but the prices run somewhere around gibsons, and I have no clue how's the availability around the world...
  8. happy_tom

    never seen before, is it legit with p90's?

    I bought mine off, they were 300€ new. Best buy ever :thumb: if you see one for decent price, grab it.
  9. happy_tom

    went to GC to try out some of the new G400 Pros

    Haha, well nice to hear that :) Hmmm, Anja was more likeable in the 80s, but yea... Either way, readin this thread has revived my GAS for a pelham blue SG now... :hmm:
  10. happy_tom

    went to GC to try out some of the new G400 Pros

    I thank you for saying this publicly, for I thought I was alone and insane :applause: Btw. my solution was to get a white AND cherry one :D Would get a pelham too, eventually, but they don't sell here and I already made a mosrite copy of my own in that color...
  11. happy_tom

    More on neck dive

    My guitar had the strap button moved on the top of upper horn. It made absolutely no difference, it look just looked f-ugly. :hmm:
  12. happy_tom

    New BBQ Community -

    Haha, I thought you were kidding but its real :thumb: That's cool!
  13. happy_tom

    Epi-son Gibs-iphone Bass

    I thought it's a well known fact that japanese epiphones (for jap market only) are pretty much exactly the same as gibsons in every detail but the logo. :dunno: The problem is they cost more in EU or usa than the original... :hmm:
  14. happy_tom

    Ouch, cracked my Gibson SG headstock

    Hmmm... :hmm: I believe it shouldn't break in the same spot again becouse the glue is supposed to be stronger than the wood. What kind of glue are you using?
  15. happy_tom

    For the Hockey Fans...

    Well, Slovenia just lost the 1/4 finals, but I have to say that interest in hockey has raised 400% in the country in the past few days :applause: So I will watch the other games.
  16. happy_tom

    Know my face!

    Well, ok, just becouse it has an SG in it, and becouse I'm currently slightly drunk :applause: ps I normally wear glasses too...
  17. happy_tom

    Know my face!

    *double post* delete please
  18. happy_tom

    SGs and Guitars in Anime

    Wow! Everything is better in Japan! :thumb:
  19. happy_tom

    Neck profile

    Most of post 2012 models - both faded and ragular indeed have slim taper necks, which are quite slimmer than old ones; but the local store has one brown faded with a mid 2013 serial number, which has the same baseball bat as my 2008 g400, if not thicker. :dunno: Go figure...
  20. happy_tom

    Other interests?????

    My life generally revolves around 2 things: music and old cars/mopeds/anything on wheels. When my band breaks up or I quit, I always lose interest in music for a few months and get completely obsessed with rebuilding stuff. When it's finished (or I run out of money) I start forming a band...

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