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  1. brazilnut

    WTB: MIJ Custom

  2. brazilnut

    Looking for an SG project.

    Just find an old Standard and start putting cool stuff on and in it! Like an ABR 1 conversion, and really cool pickups with nickel silver covers from Mojotone, and a 50s wiring harness from Roxie13 over on MyLesPaul forum, and stuff like that! For $1000 all in, you'll have a $1500 custom SG...
  3. brazilnut

    WTB: MIJ Custom

    Looking forward to it!
  4. brazilnut

    WTB: MIJ Custom

    I would love to see your Burny! I got a white Bacchus on Jauce, but I ended up reselling it. The neck was uncomfortable to me, kind of clunky, with uneven frets and big shoulders. So I would really like to see yours... [email protected]
  5. brazilnut

    Identifying pickups in 2011 SG Standard

    Gibson PU springs are insanely long. Aaaargh!
  6. brazilnut

    Is An SG A Gorgeous Guitar?

    I think mine's pretty damn gorgeous....
  7. brazilnut

    WTB: MIJ Custom

    Anybody have a MIJ SG Custom they wanna sell? White would be nice, but any color is OK. Three PUs or two. Tokai, Epi Elite, Burney, Greco...I ain't fussy! I have someone looking on the Japan auctions for me too. I'm serious about this. So let me know. Thanks:smile:
  8. brazilnut

    So about that p94......

    Nothing like the sound of a P-90 in full cry. Santana's 2nd album comes to mind. The one with the lion on it.
  9. brazilnut

    2014 SG Original II

    Yes, siree! That's what I'M talkin about! I had my hands on a real '69, just like like yours, years ago, but I didn't have the cash. They wanted 1500 for it...:rofl:I'd settle for yours in a heartbeat. :D
  10. brazilnut

    Is this neck twisted?

    Boy, ain't that the truth! I had a 1971 Strat I bought new that twisted. It got harder and harder to play, but I just ignored it until a player friend I really respected tried to play it, and told me to shitcan it. Which I did. Now it'd be worth lots of cash, but oh well.
  11. brazilnut

    Are all Gibson SG cases the same size?

    I think all Gibson SGs fit all Gibson SG cases. But there may be a stinker there somewhere.....I know my 2000 Standard fit my Norlin era 1983 case just snuggly good.
  12. brazilnut

    New SG Junior CS

    I think it's absolutely beautiful! I love that it's thicker with a big neck. The headstock is gorgeous, the color is really nice too. It's got that great P-90 snarl with a little added low end. What's not to love? The price!!! They are really proud of it at $4200!
  13. brazilnut

    2019 ‘61 Pickups

    I've even got an old T-Top in fine working order, if you want it. I've also got a '57, a BB2 and 3, and an ol set of 490-498T out of a 2000 Standard. Don't buy from Gibson--too expensive. Buy or trade with one of us.
  14. brazilnut

    Play-wear on your loved-but-used sg?

    Well, Colonel, how come nobody mentions one of Gibson's best creations, the Epiphone Elite/Elitist line? Those Fujigen guitars were really great high-quality axes, for much less $$. I had both an Elite LP and an Elitist SG Standard, and both of them together cost less than a new SG Standard. And...
  15. brazilnut

    Play-wear on your loved-but-used sg?

    That's a right nice well used guitar, Col.
  16. brazilnut

    Play-wear on your loved-but-used sg?

    8 years of gigs...
  17. brazilnut

    NGD: 1974 SG Standard

    I still have the somewhat beat-up case to my '83 Norlin, if anybody wants it. It works fine. The drummer destroyed the guitar by accident onstage, but the case is still in my garage, all lonely and sh^t.
  18. brazilnut

    NGD...2018 SG Special!

    Put a Harmonica on it, and I'd think it was a 70s Standard. Boy, that's nice.
  19. brazilnut

    '18 Autumn shade SG and its paint.

    Yes! The pics! Autumn Shade is real scrumptious, Im drag it to a gig and whale the tar out of it. SGs are such great guitars, just the best of everything. Tone, ergonomics, and looks. You done good, Silver!
  20. brazilnut

    Let's see the baked maple.

    A rare bird indeed....what kind of pickups does it have, obviously humbucker, and what does the little switch do? Is it mahogany? What does the headstock look like? VERY COOL GUITAR!