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  1. Tia

    Gibson raised prices in the US on most products starting yesterday

    Ugh. I thought the point of the SG is that it was an affordable workhorse! :shock:
  2. Tia

    Ultimate Gibson SG - Does it exist?

    I'll look that up! Thank you! :cheers:
  3. Tia

    Ultimate Gibson SG - Does it exist?

    That is the guitar in my profile... :dude: I just might have to add a vibrola. :D
  4. Tia

    Ultimate Gibson SG - Does it exist?

    I love mini-humbuckers. I love 24 frets... and I love the vibrola.... is there a unicorn Gibson SG that exists like that?
  5. Tia

    Which would you rather?

    I'd like to say 'just one guitar' or 'one guitar to rule them all', but it seems impossible. A baseline SG and an acoustic.
  6. Tia

    Neck Dve Cure ? Suggesttions ?

    The easiest cure for the neck dive is a thicker guitar strap. Seriously, the guitar strap it comes with gives a bad neck dive. I don’t have any troubles now using this one.
  7. Tia

    Get a load of this ripoff!

    Thank you for pointing out that shop! There are many problems with used guitars, from the fakes, to the stolen, to the modified and awful 'fixes'. I can agree that old originals sound heavenly, but seriously, how many headaches and anxiety attacks are people willing to subject themselves too for...
  8. Tia

    The SG, possibly one of the most (if not the most) comfortable guitar to play.

    I have to disagree with the comfort area. The most comfortable guitar I have ever strapped on to my body both sitting and standing positions was a Fender Strat.... THAT BEING SAID, the Fender had no oomph. But the Gibson SG was the first guitar that I have adjusted to the quickest, and this...
  9. Tia

    Selector Switch Labeling

    If you buy a new Gibson guitar, at least with the Specials, they do not install the ring around the switch. It is part of the case candy. It looks aesthetically pleasing with the ring on. Without the ring, it looks like the guitar is missing something. Unfortunately, I do not have the proper...
  10. Tia

    Whats up with the rediculous new cases instead of the hardshell?

    While I prefer the cushy gig bag over a hard shell case, I would be extremely insulted at spending $1,500 on a guitar and not get a hard shell case. That's like serving a black-tie gala with paper plates and pop.
  11. Tia

    SG players that made you choose the SG

    I was in search of an American guitar that was dark red and under $600, and God said, “Let there be an open box at Musician’s Friend” and it was good.
  12. Tia

    New Gibson SG Standard tuning problems.

    I was thinking of selling my SG because it wouldn’t stay in tune, then stumbled upon your quote. I laughed for an hour. It is sooo true! Thank you for your advice!
  13. Tia

    2015-2018 bankruptcy era SGs

    I saw the 2018 Gibson SG with the Mini Humbuckers open box for $595, and was completely skeptical. All I wanted was a guitar that was made in the United States, and to sell the rest. I had a few questions and contacted Gibson. From what I learned about SGs, is that the SG Specials are basically...
  14. Tia

    Post your Gibson SG’s!

    Lil' Dragon.

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