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  1. Goldmember

    First Gibson SG

    Despite owning a Standard T, my Special is my favorite player. I love the 490T bridge pickup (more than the 57 classic) through a JCM DSL 50.
  2. Goldmember

    Hats off to Gibson (Again), A nice little tool that comes in all the 2017s. (and some 2016's)

    Yesh, my SG Standard T (2017) came with this groovy tool.
  3. Goldmember

    Let's hear it for Black SGs!

    Count me in! Ebony is the new GOLD: 2017 Standard T
  4. Goldmember

    Is it normal...?

    I see that Bid also fancies a little gold. ;)
  5. Goldmember

    Lost in translation

    I dabble a little on the dark side, a little bit of this, a little bit of that... Hot Coffee! Don't drop that full cup right in the kniggin!
  6. Goldmember

    What special edition would you like to see?

    I would really enjoy (and purchase) a limited edition '75 Reissue SG Standard, complete with harmonica bridge and rectangular inlays:
  7. Goldmember

    Which strap for my SG?

    For my SGs, I use a Jodi Head Hootnanny in this fabric style (#4):
  8. Goldmember

    Uh oh - I Don't Think I'm Doing It Right :(

    Tom, I had the same symptoms, and after three months of adjustments and decompression, I'm back to 100%, without any numbness or tingling. I'm maintaining with adjustments once per month now. I hope that you are doing well, and that you recover just as quickly as I. :)
  9. Goldmember

    Rocktron Hush the Pedal

    I have never used P90s, so I cannot honestly answer your question. However, with single coils on my Start, it does a beautiful job.
  10. Goldmember

    Rocktron Austin Gold Overdrive favorite color in a pedal. Let's imagine that Rocktron had issued this as the Austin Green Overdrive. This pedal would still remain my favorite overdrive. Rumored to be a Klon clone, the Austin Gold's most important feature is the Pre-Bass control. It functions as a bass cut...
  11. Goldmember

    today is the day!!!

    I dig it. I dig it. I dig it.
  12. Goldmember

    Trade knobs ?

    A few months ago, I tried looking for a set (original, off of a SGJ) and couldn't find a single one.
  13. Goldmember

    Trade knobs ?

    Those SGJ notched speed knobs are very hard to find. Groovy generosity, Dave! :smile:
  14. Goldmember

    I HATE FedEx!!!

    Hey, save the Bit-O-Honey candies for me!
  15. Goldmember

    I HATE FedEx!!!

    Come on FedEx, throw us a frickin bone here. Sp8ctre, what's the latest update? If you need help, I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy that can take care of it.
  16. Goldmember

    Guitar Playin & Weedisms?

    Even with just one glass of beer or wine, my precision suffers...even with scales.
  17. Goldmember

    What did you do today?

    :D Oooooh! @frankd ! 999.9% fine gold excites me so much, I want to eat my own artificially tanned skin flakes!
  18. Goldmember

    What did you do today?

    Goldmember: "Today, I spent my time dreaming of gold, SGs, Marshall amps, and gold." Random Forum Member: "You said gold twice." Goldmember: "I like gold."
  19. Goldmember

    NGD 2017 Standard

    Shexshy! I bet that gold Custom Shop SG shags like a mink!

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