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    I am so sorry, four years later I notice a message. How can I help? I think it did have the...

    I am so sorry, four years later I notice a message. How can I help? I think it did have the 24-fret neck.
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    Just curious...

    Klusen locking tuners, 2017 SG Special (I think?) in worn cherry, generic white plastics, Gibson circuit board, DiMarizio 36th Anniversary PAF in the neck, DiMarzio Super Distortion in the bridge, Faber locking bridge and locking stoptail, with collars raising the stoptail a bit to lower the...
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    Just curious...

    This one was sold on eBay in 2020 from Milwaukee, and I wonder if anyone here got it. I built it. :) Tom
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    got it bad for Pelham blue

    Sold this build for $1000. Plugged the stoptaail holes with white-ish nylon plugs from the hardware store. Added the white poker chip after this pic was taken. Tom
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    The best all-purpose SG you will ever see!

    Still available! Tom
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    The best all-purpose SG you will ever see!

    As for the circuitry... I soldered on custom-made plugs onto each pickup, and they plug into the circuit board, which I did not upgrade because it did not need it. I will replace the circuit board with your preference of not any better circuitry at your cost and $200 labor.
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    The best all-purpose SG you will ever see!

    Nice headline, eh? All-new build on a 2107 SG Special body. I think this is "worn cherry". Klusen locking tuners DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAF in the neck DiMarzio Super Distorion in the bridge Faber locking bridge Faber stop-tail with rings elevatiing it, locking of course Gibson circuit...
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    Not enough room in the case, for an added Bigsby

    Folding it back should make it fit. Tom
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    Dimarzio Super Distortion

    Hex key. Tom
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    SG Modern--I really tried to like it

    Mount a Bigsby on it and it will never neck dive again! Tom
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    Molded hardshell case that fits SG-62 RI (1988)

    I would look at the large rectangular gold 120th cases. Those have a lot of room in them. Of course there is the Gibson gig bag.... Tom
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    Warm, rich tones from a bridge PU? Suggestions needed!

    DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAF. One of those in the neck and a Super Distortion in the bridge! Tom
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    Keep stretching your strings until they don't stretch any more. Tom
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    Your Thoughts - 2017 Pelham Blue SG Standard T

    Updated since last time. (Posting for sale soon.) Tom
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    First Song You Played On Your SG

    I am just a beginner but portions of "Don't Look Back", "Smokin'" and "Don't Fear the Reaper". Tom
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    NGD Standard ‘61

    I believe the 2-conductor pickups were replaced with 4-conductor pickups so that High Performance models could do fancy switching. Most circuit boards just connect the coils together at the board. Tom
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    Late circuit boards have 500k pots...

    Anyone want the procedure? I did it succcessfully. Tom
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    Bill Lawrence HB-L HB-R nickel or chrome covers on 1988 SG-62 reissue?

    Telling chrome and nickel apart is very difficult unless you have two samples next to you and chrome can vary in color a bit. But when they're next to each other, much easier to tell apart! The nickel looks grey and the chrome looks blue. Tom
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    Late circuit boards have 500k pots...

    Also, the 300k pots are linear as measured. Tom

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