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    Bad News for AC/DCheads everywhere! Malcolm Young Ill

    It looks like AC/DC might be about to call it quits!! I think just about every SG head has a special place in their heart for AC/DC. AC/DC Rumors Intensify Amid Report of Malcolm Young Stroke I hope Malcolm a speedy recovery
  2. Zeppelin Rules

    What does EC+ condition mean to you?

    Hooo boy. This thread got very stupid very fast and probably should have been locked a page and a half ago. PMs will be sent to those who have merited them. Zep
  3. Zeppelin Rules

    Black Relic

    While my comment was mostly tongue in cheek, I'm just somewhat confused as to why you would take out Gibson pickups and put in Epi ones.
  4. Zeppelin Rules

    has anyone tried the new balanced tension strings?

    I don't know about that. Personally, I want my higher strings to feel lighter than the lower ones. Can you imagine if the high E was as hard to bend as the low E? I could see this as beneficial for acoustic guitars or basses where you're not bending notes all that much, but not electric...
  5. Zeppelin Rules

    Black Relic

    Mud, generally.
  6. Zeppelin Rules

    Is this Rosewood or baked maple?

    You sure on that? Your fretboard looks an awful lot like rosewood to me.
  7. Zeppelin Rules

    Zappa Roxy SG finish scratches easy

    Your Epi doesn't have a nitro finish. All Epis are poly.
  8. Zeppelin Rules

    What's The Heaviest Gauge String You Can Put On A Faded Special?

    I used to have .012s on mine. Now granted, I usually kept it tuned down a whole step, but not all the time.
  9. Zeppelin Rules

    Poll - Norlin section or not?

    Personally I think more categories is not a good idea. I don't like having to check in so many different places to read the forum.
  10. Zeppelin Rules

    NGD gibson sg historic

  11. Zeppelin Rules

    Toronto Mayor's Crack-Cocaine Video Scandal

    This guy is such an embarrassment. Apparently Gawker can't get ahold of the guy who has the video and now Ford is coming out and publicly denying it. Sounds to me like he might have offered the guy even more than the $200k to keep his mouth shut.
  12. Zeppelin Rules

    Swap 57 Classics for Seth Lovers?

    If you're already going to have the extra pair of pups then why not just swap em out and see how you like it? If you can solder its no big deal. Also, be sure to make a thread about the Whole Lottas. For obvious reasons, I've been really intrigued by them.
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    Idiots at my work.

    I'm just going to say this. What is the point of this thread?
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    Overpotted Pickups?

    Sounds to me like the Super Distortion just isn't the pickup for your SG. You can split hairs all you want, but you're not going to get two guitars of the same model to sound exactly the same even with the same electronics, much less two totally different guitars.
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    Demo of the Zappa Roxy SG from Musikmesse

    Musikmesse '13 - Gibson's Frank Zappa Roxy SG and Rudolf Schenker V - YouTube Looks pretty cool. The guy demoing it needs to learn some Zappa riffs though.
  16. Zeppelin Rules

    Overpotted Pickups?

    I have never heard of 'over potting'. The purpose of potting is to fill all the empty spaces in the pickup to prevent it from vibrating and feeding back at high volume. I don't think you can overdo it. The same pickup can sound quite different in different guitars, especially the super...
  17. Zeppelin Rules

    recommend an OD pedal

    If you want something really mild to just push the front end of your amp a bit, you could look at a clean boost. I have a Keeley Katana that is perfect for just that, and it has a push-pull knob so you can get a bit of clipping if you want it. I would check out...
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    What pick do you use?

    Tortex greens for me.
  19. Zeppelin Rules

    Do any of you beleive in UFOs?

    Okay folks, not only has this thread ceased have absolutely nothing to do with flying objects, identified or otherwise, but it has descended into polemics and personal attacks. As such, I see no reason for it to continue.
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    Malcom Young's wiring question

    Neil Young does something similar. His black Les Paul has a switch that bypasses everything and routes the bridge pickup straight to the jack. Guthrie Govan had something similar on his Suhrs before he switched to Charvel. In that configuration it gives you some versatility since you can...

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