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    SG's are underrated for clean tones...

    I highly recommend doing that. On electrics I was a "Gibson only" guy for about 10 years, but when I finally started trying other guitars I found that it expanded my palette of techniques and sounds, and my playing only got better. Switching guitars on songs you know well sometimes doesn't work...
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    Red Under Ebony Paint Finish

    It definitely makes sense to use the "pretty wood" for transparent finishes, and save the "ugly wood" for the painted instruments. Functionally wood can be "poorly matched" or "uninteresting grain" and still play just fine. Many people like solid colors, and many people like black SGs, so a...
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    Help: SG issue new strings.

    Yeah two turns would be a lot, probably not necessary. I would agree start with a half and maybe go up from there if needed. The biggest thing is to figure out where the deadening is happening and then how to best address it. The bridge may not even be the best way to adjust it out in the end...
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    Help: SG issue new strings.

    Highly unlikely. Unless you did something really really weird there is no way changing to new strings of the same gauge would do any damage. It is possible that if your action is super low, taking all the strings off to do a fret board clean and oil MIGHT allow the neck to relax enough to let...
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    Any info on this one

    It's hard to tell much without some more closeups. The bolt on neck indicates somebody other than Gibson made it of course, but it looks like a pretty nice copy all in all. If it plays good and sounds good, that is the most important thing. If I saw it in a music store I would for sure pick it...
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    Not all p90 SGs same bridge position

    The Doctor is of course 100% correct. It pays to remember that one person's "shrill" is another person's "presence", "ping", or "bite". A lot is going to depend on what sound you want, and what sort of amp, settings, and processing you are running. There is variability by design to offer a range...
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    What do you think of 490R and 490T pickups in an SG?

    THIS^^^ I highly suspect that many people don't do this until AFTER they swap the pickups out. If you expect a particular pickup to suck and don't bother adjusting it for best results you will never know what it could be, and if you spend a couple hundred bucks on a pickup you are more likely...
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    SG 61 Aged Cherry.

    I would have stuck with the first one, Nut slots are part of my initial players set up, and slots that are not deep enough is preferable to slots that are too deep to start with. A little extra meat gives you something to remove and get the action where you want it. Players set up is a very...
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    Bigsby or Bigsby clones with a Vibramate?

    It looks like you inadvertently typed your reply in a quote box that was attributed to Angel, which is the source of the confusion. I didn't take it as anything else, as I have seen others who have done the same thing and I am used to occasionally seeing a reply typed in the quote rather than in...
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    SG Classic any differences in models made between 2000 and 2009 ?

    Trust your senses... if it feels right it IS right. Personally I always plan on doing a full player's setup of the neck, action, intonation, and pickup height for best playability. I start by putting a new set of my preferred strings on, and then checking everything in that order, and making...
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    Hello! Newbie here asking a question

    Speaking from experience, I started on classical and steel string acoustic guitars, and found the transition to Gibson electrics pretty easy. As noted above the flatter fret board made the Gibson feel reasonably familiar as opposed to the Fender radius which I was a bit bewildered by at the...
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    Another new guy to the SG

    Hey Keith and welcome! That sounds a lot like my introduction to the SG... I wasn't looking for one, took on a project because "why not", and wound up loving it. :cheers:
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    For sentimental reasons this needs to be a '72

    I would have to be a colossal fool to claim anything other than they seemed to put them on whenever they wanted around that time. :D
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    For sentimental reasons this needs to be a '72

    Just FYI, in 71 and 72 there were no bevels inside the horns on the SG. They just didn't do it, and it is a "feature" common to all the SGs of those years. It was a weird time. The embossed pickup covers were a thing on some 72s, but not all. I don't know why they did it for such a short time...
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    For sentimental reasons this needs to be a '72

    I think the pot codes settle it about as good as can be assuming they are the originals. It would be either a 71 or 72 with the total lack of bevels in the horns, and the pots wouldn't be newer than the guitar, so 72 or possibly early 73 seems about right. Either way, it was probably BUILT in 72...
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    I'm new here, got my first SG!

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I also joined because of the generally laid back feel of the place, and the knowledgeable folks I was seeing here. With regard to the unusual bridge problem, I would agree that slacking the strings would be a good first step. You already did the most important...
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    Epiphone sg looking for more info

    Wow... Just Wow. :shock: And here I thought I was doing well when I got my Epiphone Les Paul Junior for $60 US with a soft case and patch cord. The deal you got is once in a lifetime.
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    Next idea

    Beautiful! I would totally rock that! :dude:
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    Epiphone sg looking for more info

    Jeeze-o-pete, that is the deal of century for the package you got there! Be sure and post pictures with the amp too. Some of that Peavey gear is not bad at all. The amp alone is worth twenty even if it's the bottom of the line. Tell me you didn't get a case as well, that would just be too hard...
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    Next idea

    Totally agree with beerbelly above. I wouldn't want it to be the only type of wammy bar I owned, but I wouldn't want to be without it either. They really are awesome in the range they cover. No dive bombs on tap, but they are smooth and super precise.

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