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  1. mikeystool

    Simon Townshend sporting the SG

    We saw The Who last night in Philly, I was surprised to see Simon playing a SG junior most of the set.. Was a great show btw of course! I'm one The Who's biggest fans, and I turned my daughter on to them years ago, now she's pushing 15, and she got to experience what I did, when my parents took...
  2. mikeystool

    my bassist bud has questions

    my bandmate , who plays a SG bass asked me to post these questions: what size trussrod nut is on an SG bass? and where can he getpickup rings for an SG bass? thanks
  3. mikeystool

    SG Classic, new caps, pots, switch

    I just had my tech guy put in all new Bourne pots, and Mallory Caps. And a new selector switch.. Man what a difference.. I already replaced a volume pot in this baby , the stock stuff in this just seemed crappy from the start.. Always cutting out.. Strange, in my faded, I've never had any...
  4. mikeystool

    SG Classic toggle question

    im getting all my pots and caps, and my switch replaced, are switches in the classics, L shaped? i cant tell the difference to be honest, this is new territory for me..anyone?
  5. mikeystool

    fender champ 600, dumb question

    i snapped the on/off toggle on my amp..and when taking the old one out, being a rookie at amp repair, i didnt snap a pic or even remember, to remember:dunno:, the proper wiring of the 4 black and white wires..can someone help me out? i dont wanna trial and error on this...
  6. mikeystool

    Interesting, low price..Special

    Gibson SG Special HH Electric Guitar | Musician's Friend pretty low price..wrap around tail piece...nice color imo... lowest price i think ive seen in years for a SG...
  7. mikeystool

    Neck tweek needed?

    my special has needed adjustments, and nut work in the past, well, one time in the past 6 years of heavy play..2 years ago it was done..and was fine until, the A D high E are buzzing when hit open..if i recall those were the culprits last adjustment..since here in the Poconos, the...
  8. mikeystool

    Peavey Valveking tubes

    well, i never really use it much, cept when my daughter and i jam...yesterday we plugged into it, and after like 10 minutes, it got real thin, and high pitched...the right 2 power tubes were very bright i to assume, the tubes are fried? ive had this amp like 5 years or so, and...
  9. mikeystool

    Big Muff with wicker

    figured id throw in my personal experience with this, for any Muff fans out there.. i just got this to replace my Big Muff PI on my board...I always loved the BM, but I wanted to make some room on my it, and Im glad I did...gets the same sound as the original, I A-B'd them, almost...
  10. mikeystool

    your "Favorite" albums of 1972

    1. The Rolling Stones- Exile On Main Street 2. David Bowie- The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars 3. Lou Reed- Tramsformer 4. Black Sabbath- Vol. 4 5. Jerry Garcia-Garcia 6. Neil Young -Harvest 7. Grateful Dead -Europe 72 8. Jethro Tull- Thick As A Brick 9. Yes- Fragile...
  11. mikeystool

    Your "Favorite" albums of 1971

    1. The Who- Whos Next 2. The Rolling Stones- Sticky Fingers 3. The Doors- LA Woman 4. Led Zeppelin- IV 5. David Bowie- Hunky Dory 6. The Allman Brothers-At The Filmore East 7. Yes - The Yes Album 8. Hawkwind- In Search Of Space 9. John Lennon - Imagine 10. Paul Mc cartney- Ram
  12. mikeystool

    your "Favorite" albums of 1970

    I figure instead of saying "best" favorite is more list.. of course... 1. The Who-Live At Leeds 2. The Rolling Stones-Get Yer Ya Yas out 3. The Stooges-Fun House 4. Black Sabbath-Paranoid 5. Led Zeppelin-III 6. James Gang-Rides Again 7. Grateful Dead-Workingmans Dead...
  13. mikeystool

    champ 600 replacement speaker suggestions?

    got my daughter a Squire strat for her 12th birthday yesterday..we were jamming, last night, and she was using my champ..worked fine, we stopped for a bit, had cake, came back down to continue, and there was little sound...weak and dead..i unplugged the internal speaker and went to the pa. head...
  14. mikeystool

    Fender Evil Twin

    anyone have one? or played them, heard them? opinions? i am in the middle off waiting on, and paying off a deville, but i saw one of these on craigslist, and it sounds like what i have been looking for, well, and its really cheap ;)...but i think i committed to the deville, i know ill like it...
  15. mikeystool

    'Bev the b*tch' back in my hands!!

    My beloved faded special...Just got her back from a great luthier, who learned from his Martin bud, years ago, he does this stuff for a side gig these days.. Anyway, after having a few spots with fret buzz these past few months, out of nowhere, she is playing better than ever.. A few people who...
  16. mikeystool

    new flavor for the specials...

    just saw this in my new GC catty.... nice to have a different color for these..
  17. mikeystool

    Skull knobs?!

    i know a lot of the purists here will not like this but: my beloved faded, i call her 'Bev the bitch', lovingly after my girlfriend(of almost 9 years), anyway, Bev is a skull freak, she has skull luggage, pocketbooks, wallets, bathrobe, like to find some skull volume and tone for...
  18. mikeystool

    Hotrod Deville

    anyone here have one???? opinions???.....2x12 or 4x10??? i think im gonna do the save thing, and get tired of hauling a half stack to shows, well for my one like it for this band, because i play half clean in it...dont need the dirt as much....
  19. mikeystool

    Fadeds on sale

    Saw they are $699. at MF....get em' while they are cheap(er) :roll:
  20. mikeystool

    Road Worn Fadeds....

    ;) Just took some newer pics after a string change and a much needed fretboard cleaning.... man after 4 years, this thing is getting used, and worn...anyone else got some road worn pics of their axes??

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