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  1. JohnnyGoo

    Merry Jimi

    Christmas Carols Hendrix style :)
  2. JohnnyGoo

    NGD!! Les Paul Classic Goldtop!

    Very Nice Guitar
  3. JohnnyGoo


    Black guard with mabe a B3 and Towner Bar ???
  4. JohnnyGoo

    1966 G-400 Pro mods

    sounds about right
  5. JohnnyGoo

    1966 G-400 Pro mods

    maybe a 0.017 for the neck and a 0.022 to a 0.047 for bridge,depends on how much trebble you want or dont want.higher the cap number the less trebble
  6. JohnnyGoo

    1966 G-400 Pro mods

    Welcome and yes .022 would be fine
  7. JohnnyGoo

    Removing nut with stripped/rounded facets

    Welcome and good luck with it
  8. JohnnyGoo

    Affordable vintage?

    Welcome and theres alot of used SGs for sale under 5k.
  9. JohnnyGoo

    SG Pickup Rings:

    plus some are thicker than others,boggles the mind.
  10. JohnnyGoo

    SG Pickup Rings:

    some are completly flat others have a sort of string angle bevel to them AND still have a flat bottom,AVOID pickup rings for a Les Paul cause they are for a arch top
  11. JohnnyGoo

    Who needs a Variac switch?

  12. JohnnyGoo

    New Stones album coming out tomorrow

    Love the Stones
  13. JohnnyGoo

    Another incoming OD

    from the same folks as what make those brand amps ? should be a nice pedal if so
  14. JohnnyGoo

    NPD cry baby

    Nice Pedal
  15. JohnnyGoo

    Who needs a Variac switch?

    and i thought id seen it all,amazing
  16. JohnnyGoo

    NGD: 2016 Gibson Custom Standard Historic 1958 Lemonburst

    Great looking Guitar congrats
  17. JohnnyGoo

    Hello From Rhode Island

    Welcome Jeff,pics are always welcome :)

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