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  1. plankton

    Help: SG issue new strings.

    Some good advice so far, and you haven't done anything to damage your guitar permanently. It's wood and metal, both materials that will expand/contract over time for a few reasons. You simply need to tweak your setup by following the advice above. If you want to become more independent with this...
  2. plankton

    BAM BAM ! ! !

    The stock pickups in those things are their weak spot, easily fixed, but if you didn't bond with the rest of guitar then there's no point.
  3. plankton

    BAM BAM ! ! !

    How did it sound through an amp? It is an electric guitar after all.
  4. plankton

    BAM BAM ! ! !

    Around here everyone is asking too much for any Epiphone.
  5. plankton

    What do you think of 490R and 490T pickups in an SG?

    All that really matter is what you think of them. If you like them that's great, but if not then swap them out.
  6. plankton

    2004 G400 - Neck Style?

    You can never tell with Epiphones, IME. I have played several advertised as "slim taper" and they're all a bit different. I don't think they were using veneer in 2004, but I could be wrong.
  7. plankton

    BAM BAM ! ! !

    These Korean Vintage G400s are really great guitars. I finally got one myself a couple months ago, a nice 2002 cherry model.
  8. plankton

    Anyone know where I could get a pickguard for an Epiphone SG?

    You know you'll most likely have to rout the guitar body as well to get humbuckers in there?
  9. plankton

    Gold SG Standard

    I didn't know they were offering a gold finish on the new Standards. It's a nice looking option, unfortunately due to the terrible veneer they use now buying one with a translucent finish isn't an option for me. A few years ago they offered a gold coloured model in the '61 style as well...
  10. plankton

    Changing the wraparound bridge

    For me those adjustable wraparounds look ugly and defeat the purpose of a wraparound style bridge. What's wrong with the one on the guitar now? Can you set the intonation properly?
  11. plankton

    Look at that, a new Tony Iommi SG Special.

    Thanks, I was fully aware of what it was, but in terms of feel and playability it did not seem worth the upcharge from the standard models, IMO. The big difference for me was the looks, it is nicer than the horrible stripey veneer that they put on their guitars these days. As far as electronics...
  12. plankton

    Replacement Pickups for PAF tone

    I never spend much on pickups. I have had good results with ones from Vanson and Tonerider. The newer Epiphone pickups, the Probucker and Alnico Classic Pro are quite good too. Like the good Dr. mentioned though you should definitely play around with the height before swapping anything out.
  13. plankton

    Look at that, a new Tony Iommi SG Special.

    It's not a good looking guitar, if I was going to get an Iommi model it would be this one:
  14. plankton

    Epiphone 1961 les Paul sg standard

    Why does any of that make a difference? Are Americans better at building guitars? They were making stringed instruments in China long before the United States even existed.
  15. plankton

    Saw ZZ Top Last Night and Have a Question

    I believe it's a Gibson Custom Shop model made for him, not sure if they ever offered them for sale though.
  16. plankton

    SG Standard pots question.

    The pots will be 500K. MIC Tokais and the new IBG Epiphones are a similar level of quality, not sure about the Korean Tokais though.
  17. plankton

    Not sure which guitar I have

    If that Reverb ad I posted is indicative of that model then it probably says CH for cherry finish. It seems that might have been the only finish they came with so a bit strange to put it on the sticker. Maybe there are other colours out there somewhere.
  18. plankton

    Not sure which guitar I have

    Yours looks the same as this one, and you can clearly see G400R on that little gold sticker.
  19. plankton

    Not sure which guitar I have

    I think it's a G400R which seems to be pretty rare. Made in '90, open book headstock with no inlay, trapezoid inlays and neck binding. Does that little gold sticker on the neck heel say G400R, it's hard to see? The serial number seems to confirm 1990...
  20. plankton

    Incoming Epi SG classic P90

    If you really like the guitar otherwise it is an easy fix. The contact for the neck pickup just needs to be bent slightly so it's touching the main contact when in the middle position. Super easy to do on an open switch.

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