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  1. SG John

    My '64 Junior

    Bondhus, PB Swiss, Wiha and many other companies make stubby Allen wrench sets. You could always grind yours down to fit. Also, a ball end wrench may work fine for you also.
  2. SG John

    Built another new guitar, actually a bass. Been a while.

    Hi, Haven't been around much due to work and other stuff. I have been working on this project for years, and as anyone who remembers my past builds knows they can take a while. Made a copy of a '66 Thunderbird bass. I used an African Kaya mahogany one piece body blank and a two piece Honduran...
  3. SG John

    1968 SG Junior - what to do with this one?

    I'd fill in both pickup cavities, and re-rout them for P-90s to make a Special. Or, if you're a Zappa Fan, I'd go with humbuckers and some extra circuitry to make a Roxy style SG out of it.
  4. SG John

    1969 SG Custom project

    This is what my '69 Standard looks like. No drawings, sorry.
  5. SG John

    Marshall Lead 12

    I got one of these new in '86. It's still in a closet upstairs in need of a good cleaning.
  6. SG John

    NEED Help... Where's the ground on a 1962 Ebony Block LP/SG???

    For short vibrolas, the ground wire goes to the treble side bridge post.
  7. SG John

    Let's play detective - what is this SG Special?

    The heel, and no dot on the "i" make it a '69.
  8. SG John

    The history of ETSG

  9. SG John

    Any has re-beveled a Gibson for the 66' look ?

    I did when I refinished my Burny.
  10. SG John

    1969 SG?

    Definitely a '69 with three piece neck, no dot on the "i", and the heel. It looks just like my '69 Standard. I'm tempted to jump on it if he's only going to ask $1500.
  11. SG John

    gibson sg junior missing logo

    The shape of the heel and three piece neck look like a ‘69.
  12. SG John

    FOR SALE: 1969 Gibson SG Standard Nearly Unplayed Condition...

    No...... That's really too bad that you have to sell it.
  13. SG John

    SG 1962 Les Paul for sale.

    Old days of the forum, you needed fifty posts before you could sell stuff. Oh well, that was then. This is now.
  14. SG John

    Vintage SG Special Question: Filling in Humbucker routes on a transparent finish

    Here are the before and after photos of my '62 Special that was resurrected from the dead by SG Lou. We found that the original color was white, so that's how it refinished in the end. Even though it was a solid color, he still tried to match the grain when making the filler blocks (except for...
  15. SG John

    My White Whale

    White SGs are nice. I got hooked when I first saw Buck Dharma in the seventies. I like my '62 Special.
  16. SG John

    When is a 1963 SG Special no longer a 1963 SG Special?

    This would be the only way I could think of doing that, other than plugging the holes and installing new posts.
  17. SG John

    Isn't It Great To Have An SG Forum?

    It's a shame the current owner of the forum decided to scrap years of reference material that had been accumulated on the original forum. That was one of the best things about the forum. There was so much information that had been gathered by all the members, then archived by Tom and the moderators.
  18. SG John

    1964 SG Reissue horn shapes....

    I've seen many vintage guitars back from the fifties and sixties that looked like they were never touched. 99% of them were total dogs, and that's why. Many of the golden years guitars were hit or miss, and that's why there are some great "under the bed" finds. I would never buy one of those to...
  19. SG John

    1964 SG Reissue horn shapes....

    They have also advertised a John Cipollina tribute SG that used photos from the old ETSG site where Javamagic posted his build thread. It was easy to identify it as his guitar. His kitchen and the Irish 5p coins were a dead giveaway. Several members of the forum left comments that were removed...
  20. SG John

    When is a 1963 SG Special no longer a 1963 SG Special?

    I find the best way to haggle with folks is to go in person, with cash in hand. If you live near enough to see the guitar and play it, go. Then, if it is good and you want to buy it, bring up many of the points in this thread, and start with the low ball cash offers. When you contact the seller...

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