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  1. RW59

    Nitro finish/paint issue: poor quality control…?

    Do you use hand sanitizer? Cologne or aftershave? Bug repellent? Things like those can soften nitro. You have to wash all traces of those off before playing -- small amounts will be absorbed and build up if you play often with traces of them on your hand.
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    What year did the volute start for SGs

    The serial dater sites are extremely unreliable. Gibson only had one factory in '68, in Kalamazoo Michigan. They built the Nashville factory in the mid '70s. For a while they ran both factories, then shut down Kalamazoo. They opened the Bozeman Montana factory in '89, and it only builds...
  3. RW59

    Gibson SG Standard 2014 Verification

    Min-ETune and G-Force systems have no mounting screws on the back of the headstock at all. The string posts on Klusons aren't exactly in the center of the baseplates. Whoever replaced the min-ETune put the tuners on backwards -- left tuners on the right side, right tuners on the left side. Then...
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    Building a SG 'Kit' guitar

    Is there a shoulder on the neck heel or something else that requires to to set the neck that far back? Or can you slide it forward a bit? You seem to say you measured the scale down the centerline, using the spot between the D&G strings on the line between the bridge studs as the end point? If...
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    My SG Junior - is this what they call a 'long tenon'?

    I didn't realize at first that there were several pics in the OP's imgur, and only took a quick look at the first pic. That's the weirdest joint I've ever seen. It's wider than most narrow tenons but not full width, and the gaps around the end are different than normal. Necks are set in at an...
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    My SG Junior - is this what they call a 'long tenon'?

    "Long" vs "short" is really just a Les Paul thing (archtop Les Pauls, not Juniors and Specials). Here's the classic pic (originally from Gibson's website): A lot of the cork-sniffery isn't about the length per se. The LP short tenon is also known as the "rocker" tenon -- the bottom of the...
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    To "Monkey" or Not To "Monkey," that is the question.

    It's like it was made for that. Looks awesome! For future reference, is it a "sticker" or a "decal"? If it's a sticker, is it vinyl or coated paper? I just looked at repro Monkey's and most of the vendors say "decal/sticker" without clarifying if they're waterslide decals or adhesive stickers...
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    What year is my SG Custom?

    '72/'73. The wide gap between the bridge and bridge humbucker, with all 3 pickups crammed together tells the story. In '72 they changed the neck joint, setting it in farther so the end of the fretboard touched the pickup ring (instead of having a gap there, covered by a screwed on plastic...
  9. RW59

    Sg electric help

    Here's Duncan's wiring diagram for 4-conductor humbuckers with standard 2 volume, 2 tone, 3 way toggle and no extra splitting, parallel, or phase. Duncan uses different color coding on the wires. But you've got the black and white connected correctly according to your manufacturers chart and...
  10. RW59

    Sg electric help Sorry, I didn't see that you had more questions in the earlier thread. Yes, 4 wire humbuckers have the extra wires to allow coil splitting and/or series/parallel switching. If you're not going...
  11. RW59

    SG build from bar top need electronic advice

    That's not correct. Black to ground is correct, white to volume pot input is correct. But the white shouldn't have the other two wires connected to it. The red and yellow should be twisted together, soldered, and covered with tape or shrink tubing -- not connected to anything else. Same for the...
  12. RW59

    What's Up With Jerry's SG?

    Appears to be just a decoration, like the sticker. Depending on which factory vibrola it originally had, the v may cover some of the mounting screw holes. (All '60s small guards had factory vibrolas -- they didn't offer the stop tailpiece until they switched to the large batwing pickguard...
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    Batwing vs non-batwing - school me...

    The original reason for the switch to the batwing was so they could top rout parts of the wiring channels, instead of narrow drilled holes between the pickup and control cavities. Routing was faster, didn't need to be as precise, and they only needed to fish the wires through a single short...
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    NGD SG featherweight!

    Amazing deal! Mahogany has a really wide range of weight/density. Most SG's are around 6.5~7 lbs, but my '60s Tribute is a whopping 8.7 lbs (and oddly it's just a touch neck heavy). 5.5 and balanced isn't unheard of, but it's rare and pretty much the lightest possible.
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    Help me date and authenticate this bass.

    '64 Gibson catalog. It's a little hard to see the finger rest on the EB-O, but you can see the mounting screws. Of course Gibson's catalog pics are notoriously inaccurate -- the catalog shows a '61 with plastic pickup cover. Google images show a lot of '64s with the finger rest. And lots...
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    I just found out my Sg my have PAFs in it, Can i get some help here?

    Burstbucker Pros from this century, not vintage PAF's.
  17. RW59

    I just found out my Sg my have PAFs in it, Can i get some help here?

    For decades, Gibson has put "Patent Applied For" decals on some modern, current production pickups like '57 Classics, Burstbuckers, other "replica" pickups that are intended to be similar to original PAF's from the '50s and early '60s. It's highly, highly unlikely that a previous owner put an...
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    Randall Century 500 info?

    Oops, sorry. Double post
  19. RW59

    Randall Century 500 info?

    I only found a little on Google. Apparently Dimebag Darrell used a Century 200 head for a while. And apparently Randall used a reverse numbering scheme, where lower model numbers had higher power and more features, with the higher model numbers being the lower power budget versions. There are...
  20. RW59

    SG Body Thickness question

    Every bevel varies a little due to hand work, but yes there are several general, overall bevel styles on different SG models. All 2016 Specials will have the thicker horn tip than the 2016 Fadeds. But they often change the bevel style, so some other year Special may have the narrow tip style...

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