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  1. Six String


    Welcome to ETSG! :smile:
  2. Six String

    Howdy from Georgia!

    Welcome to ETSG! :smile:
  3. Six String

    Hello from Fl.

    Welcome to ETSG! :smile:
  4. Six String

    2nd time is the charm!

    Welcome to ETSG! :smile:
  5. Six String

    hello from RSA

    Welcome to ETSG! :smile:
  6. Six String

    New guy

    Welcome to ETSG! :smile:
  7. Six String

    R.I.P. Chuck Berry

    A key link in the making of RNR. His influence is unmistakable. RIP Chuck..........
  8. Six String

    New SG Convert After Years Playing Stratocaster...

    I have seen a lot of folks regret getting rid of guitars... but you gotta do what you gotta do. It's great that you have gone SG as many of us around here have done. Also... do you have a little detail on the double neck in your avatar? I looks interesting.... :cool:
  9. Six String

    New here from AZ

    Welcome to ETSG! :smile:
  10. Six String

    New SG Convert After Years Playing Stratocaster...

    Welcome to ETSG! :smile:
  11. Six String

    Where did you get your start in music?

    My grandmother bought me my first acoustic in 1957. I got my first electric in about 65 at which time I had to do that to be in my first band. And all the rest is history! :thumb:
  12. Six String

    Hello again from an infrequent visitor :)

    Very cool! :cool:
  13. Six String

    Hi From Canada

    Welcome to ETSG! :smile: Awesome way to start your experience! See you around the forum! :dude:
  14. Six String


    Welcome to ETSG! :smile:
  15. Six String

    Restringing a guitar with a Bigsby

    I have pre-bent the string to fit the bottom, but I have found that the eraser trick really helps hold it while I'm working on the other end. Frees up both hands. :thumb:
  16. Six String

    Not really new but nevertheless, hello from the Peach State

    Welcome to ETSG anyway! :smile:
  17. Six String

    G-400 '62 Rubber neck

    Welcome to ETSG! :smile:
  18. Six String

    NGD! White 2008 SG (with some added features)

    Very cool! :dude:
  19. Six String

    Quick hello and quick question.

    Welcome to ETSG! :smile:
  20. Six String


    I had a B5 put on my G400 and do admit it took a little getting used to. I still have a little trouble changing the strings but the eraser trick really helped! Mine doesn't seem to have as much action as my Meastro or a Fender Strat whammy... but it works for what I need. :thumb:

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