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  1. Tanqueray

    Price Check

    I was at a local consignment shop and I found this guy. It says Gibson SG Pro on the tag (and the truss rod cover says PRO), but it looks more like a 2003 SG Special with an ebony fretboard. To my knowledge the Pro was a totally different model they made back in the 70s, so the...
  2. Tanqueray

    Tuners for SG Classic

    The previous owner of my SG Classic replace the original tuners with Grovers (and drilled new holes to do it :facepalm:). They work alright, but they're heavy and the neck dives as a result. Plus I prefer the look of the stock tuners. Unfortunately, the stock tuners didn't come with the...
  3. Tanqueray

    NGD 2016 SG Standard T

    I picked up a 2016 SG Standard T from Sweetwater back in March. It was a demo model, but the photos didn't really show just how beaten up it was. It looked like someone took a tool to the top of the guitar body for some crazy reason, and there was a finish crack in the neck joint. It was too...
  4. Tanqueray

    SG Classic Sounds A Little Dull

    When I first played my SG Classic I really liked it. The neck is comfortable, the body is well balanced, and it sounded pretty nice through the seller's amp. Nice enough for me to take it home. However, when compared to my other two P90 equipped axes - a Les Paul Special and an SG Special 60s...
  5. Tanqueray

    Pickup Placement on SG Classic

    What sort of effect does pickup placement relative to the bridge have on tone? I've noticed that the placement for the P90s on my SG Classic is different than on other P90 equipped guitars like the LP Special and SG Special 60s Tribute. The treble pickup is further away from the bridge on the...
  6. Tanqueray

    Traded my Standard for a Classic

    Sort of anyways. The Standard and I weren't getting along as well as I'd hoped and a really nice Classic popped up on CL, so I sold the former, bought the latter, and pocketed the rest of the money. I was worried that the fatter neck would be kinda uncomfortable after playing the thin necks of...
  7. Tanqueray

    Gibson SG Special 60s Tribute

    I bought one of these recently and love the hell out of it. Could be a great score for someone here.
  8. Tanqueray

    NGD 2011 SG Special 60s Tribute

    So I ended up pulling the trigger on the guitar I was asking about in another thread. This thing seriously rocks. Pretty similar neck profile to the 2013 I also picked up recently. I went and bought a 3-ply pickguard to replace the stock one. I'll probably throw some reflector top hat knobs on...
  9. Tanqueray

    NGD 2013 SG Standard

    These 2013 Standards seriously rock. This one is basically brand new since it's just been hanging out in the shop for the last couple of years. The fretboard is a little dry, but that's a pretty easy fix.
  10. Tanqueray

    What kind of SG is this?

    I came across an SG I couldn't identify yesterday. It's got p90 pickups, a small pickguard, no binding, dot inlays, a slim taper neck, and a satin finish. They're asking for $700, so I figured I'd do a little research on it to at least find out what it is and what people think of them. I did...
  11. Tanqueray

    What can you tell me about this?

    I found a 1999 Gibson SG Standard on consignment in a local music shop and I figured I'd come here and get some more information about it. 1. I want to make sure it's not a counterfeit guitar. I've attached some photos of it. Let me know if you need more. 2. What pickups and pots come...
  12. Tanqueray

    New guy from California

    Howdy all. I found this forum through its sister forum - Since I'm a new SG owner, I figured I would make an account here as well! -Mark Also, here are a few pics of my lovely guitars.

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