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  1. Tanqueray

    WTB: A Gibson SG Standard . . . go figure

    I have a 1999 Standard I might be inclined to sell or trade. Hit me up.
  2. Tanqueray

    Is the neck on the 2017 Standard T bigger than the 2013 Standard?

    I've never seen an SG with a small pickguard and a fat neck. If I ever do, I'll probably buy it on the spot. I suspect I'll have to go through the Custom Shop for that sort of thing though.
  3. Tanqueray

    gear review between SG classic and stratocaster

    That's a really pretty SG. Great playing on the video too. You raised him well.
  4. Tanqueray

    Let's hear it for Black SGs!

    Yes, it's fairly chunky. Very comfortable.
  5. Tanqueray


    HNSGD! Hopefully you can get the photos sorted and posted soon.
  6. Tanqueray

    Price Check

    I was at a local consignment shop and I found this guy. It says Gibson SG Pro on the tag (and the truss rod cover says PRO), but it looks more like a 2003 SG Special with an ebony fretboard. To my knowledge the Pro was a totally different model they made back in the 70s, so the...
  7. Tanqueray

    Let's hear it for Black SGs!

    No, the previous owner did. It makes the headstock heavier than it ought to be. I'm thinking of replacing them with lighter tuners.
  8. Tanqueray

    Let's hear it for Black SGs!

    My ebony stained SG Classic.
  9. Tanqueray

    Tuners for SG Classic

    The previous owner of my SG Classic replace the original tuners with Grovers (and drilled new holes to do it :facepalm:). They work alright, but they're heavy and the neck dives as a result. Plus I prefer the look of the stock tuners. Unfortunately, the stock tuners didn't come with the...
  10. Tanqueray

    New 2017 SG Standard

    I was hoping this had the same neck as the 2016 models. I love the look of a small pickguard, but my giant hands don't get along with the skinny necks on the 2013/14 models so well.
  11. Tanqueray

    Heres My First Gibson

    Love it!
  12. Tanqueray

    (Kinda) NGD: 2014 SG Standard '61

    Very very nice. Those things are awesome. Basically a 2013 but with coil splits as an added bonus.
  13. Tanqueray

    NGD 2016 SG Standard T

    Thanks. So far I'm really digging it. Did they move the switch and knobs on the 2016 model? I've noticed the poker chip is much closer to the pickguard than it was on previous years. I wonder what the reasoning behind that change was.
  14. Tanqueray

    NGD 2016 SG Standard T

    I picked up a 2016 SG Standard T from Sweetwater back in March. It was a demo model, but the photos didn't really show just how beaten up it was. It looked like someone took a tool to the top of the guitar body for some crazy reason, and there was a finish crack in the neck joint. It was too...
  15. Tanqueray

    Can you think of any guitars similar to the SG that can withstand more abuse?

    Nothing takes abuse like a Tele. If you're looking for a bigger sound, I suggest one of those 72 Deluxe Teles with humbuckers. You can probably get a beat up MIM 72 Reissue on the cheap. I've often considered getting one of those, but I can't ever find them around here when I actually have money...
  16. Tanqueray

    SG Classic Sounds A Little Dull

    I haven't yet. I've gotten a number of suggestions that I'll try out when I get some time.
  17. Tanqueray

    SG Classic Sounds A Little Dull

    I figure those probably aren't the actual value of the pots, but I was just going off of the spec sheets for the two guitars. I would like to think they aren't going to be drastically different, but it sounds like Gibson has no concept of consistency. My stepdad has tools to measure the pots, so...
  18. Tanqueray

    SG Classic Sounds A Little Dull

    I haven't tested the pots yet, since I don't have any means of doing so currently. I do know the stock pots are 300k linear volume and 500k non-linear tone on both of the SGs. I got some pics of the wiring in the two SGs. I have no idea what's in the LP though since I don't currently have it to...
  19. Tanqueray

    SG Classic Sounds A Little Dull

    I'll have to figure out how to check the pot values. I think my stepdad has something to measure them with. I'm not really knowledgeable about that kind of stuff. Haha. I've tried all three guitars through a few amps with the same exact settings with the same cable and it's pretty consistent...

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