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  1. stdio

    music123 heart14 sale 2/7

    Just noting that music123 is running a 14% off sale using code "heart14", which they say is for today only. Was posting here because the code seems to be working on Gibson SGs. :applause::applause::applause:
  2. stdio

    Slipping guitars past wives/girlfriends?

    Man, the guitar gods must want me to have more guitars. I've had this guitar purchase in the works, since before I heard about the 2013 SGs...a '95 SG Standard, which arrived yesterday. The gf wasn't home at the time, so I basically avoided 20 min of argument and discussion. The funny thing...
  3. stdio

    Gibson USA factory tour

    Angry Tele originally put the link here, but it deserves its own thread. Really is an awesome video. Guitar TV anyone? :) Gibson USA Factory Tour - YouTube
  4. stdio

    NGD: 2010 Les Paul Junior Special

    Gonna keep this quick since this in an SG board, but you guys should check out some of the recent Gibson models. There was a recent thread about CNC and PLEKing I just...
  5. stdio

    Gibson settlement

    FINALLY! :applause: Gibson Guitar settles with feds over illegal imports - Aug. 6, 2012
  6. stdio

    Angus Young's black '61 reissue?

    Maybe someone might know the answer to this, are there any docs on the black '61 reissue SGs that Angus Young plays? I'm pretty sure all of them must be refins or special orders, it's generally looks like a '61 reissue in ebony, with small guard and nickel hardware. Just wondering if ever...

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