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  1. Franc

    How does this one look?

    I can pick this one up today....does this look like an '04 Vintage to you?
  2. Franc

    Samick made SG from 2019 with binding

    I didn't even realise they made them at the Samick plant in 2019, but with binding? Is this common? Found a local ad for one today....
  3. Franc

    Cover plate for holes

    Hi, has anyone ever seen this plate to cover the holes when using a maestro? Looks like a great cover up and it also protects the guitar from the pressure of the maestro.
  4. Franc

    About to score something "special"

    At least, that's what I hope. Going to pick it up tonight (Europe). A 2011 50th Anniversary SG Special in cherry :D Let's hope there are no hidden defects.... My hero, Eddie Van Halen, died yesterday and I needed some comfort, so what better way to honor your guitar god than by getting a...
  5. Franc

    New project - hacked up (probably Korean) SG standard with binding

    Just scored this project guitar. Not extremely cheap (150 euros) but I see potential...and binding! :naughty: The pineapple trussrod cover makes me believe it is Korean, the overall fretwork and fretboard also tell me that the creator of the guitar had a good amount of attention to detail. Not...
  6. Franc

    Angle of Maestro Vibrola arm

    Hi Guys, When I look at pictures of people angling the arm to the back of the guitar, it looks almost flat to the guitar (this would also make sense for putting the guitar in a case), but with my guitar this is not the my arm bent? Or does the Epiphone version differ from the Gibson...
  7. Franc

    Unsung G400 from 2000 good starting point for a project?

    Hi all, Haven't posted here much as I wasn't really into SGs for a while, but after I rediscovered my 3 pickup Custom and acquired a "Limited Edition" black one with Vibrola recently, I got back on track (or should I say: back on the highway to hell :rofl:) Then I started drooling over an all...
  8. Franc

    Hello from The Netherlands

    Hi All, New to the board, only registered yesterday. I created this obsession with SG-like guitars early 2017. I owned a Gibson SG Faded some years ago but couldn't bond with it somehow. Body to thin for the huge neck, it felt like I was holding only a neck. Decided to sell it, but I might...

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