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  1. WillyWP

    2021 SG Standard neck angle?

    Can anyone tell me what the neck angle of 2021 SG Standard should be? Meaning, I'm looking for the measurement of the proper neck angle. I just received a 2021 Gibson SG Standard today which I purchased on and it looks like the neck angle is wrong. The bridge pickup cover is so high...
  2. WillyWP

    Lightweight tuners for 2017 Grover holes?

    Hello. I have a 2017 Gibson SG Standard which I love, but the neck dive bothers me. Can anyone recommend lightweight tuners to replace the stock Grover locking tuners, which I can install without drilling new holes? Thanks.
  3. WillyWP

    Reshaping fretboard binding...

    Hello. Has anyone ever trimmed off some of the binding on their SG? I have a 2010 that feels great but the neck is about 2mm too wide compared to my 2016 T. It doesn't sound like much but it could feel SO much better without that mm of binding on both sides. I was thinking of taking it...
  4. WillyWP

    Gibson SG Standard 1998 Dark Cherry

    Gibson SG Standard 1998 Dark Cherry. For sale. $825 firm $875 shipped UPS. This is a great players’ guitar. It has tons of mojo, sounds great, plays great, and looks vintage. Even unplugged it sounds really good. It;s very resonant. It is all original with no problems. The finish is aging and...
  5. WillyWP

    1998 Gibson SG Standard Specs

    Does anyone have a description or the original specs of a 1998 SG Standard? Thanks.
  6. WillyWP

    70s Gibson SG Custom copy... with problems

    I just bought this what looks to be a 70s SG Custom copy. It was sold to me as having microphonic pickups, but when I received it, only one pickup works in all 3 positions, the knobs don't work, the jack is bad. Plus it has NO truss rod. I don't want to sink a lot of money into this guitar...
  7. WillyWP

    SG with narrowest fretboard with and slim neck (regular string spacing)

    Hello. I want to buy an SG for under $1000 with a more narrow, bound fretboard and a slim neck profile but with standard string spacing. Does anyone know what more recent years and, or models that Gibson made standards that are like this? I love SGs, but most of them with binding, slim neck...
  8. WillyWP

    Guild Polara S100 reissue

    The 70s S100 Polaras are awesome guitars, as are the 90s reissues, but has anyone tried any of the more recent Fender owned Guild reissues? I love the feel of the 70s necks, does anyone know how the recent necks compare? I wish the new ones still had the clear pickguard and phase switching!
  9. WillyWP

    Rolling binding edges with nibs

    Hello. I have a 2010 natural burst SG with coil taps and a slim 60s type neck. I like the way it looks and sounds, but the neck is not like other slim 60s necks I've played. It feels more U shaped and very slightly wider. Its not quite as comfortable as my Les Paul Junior, or 61 Reissue. I'm...
  10. WillyWP

    Rolling neck edges with binding...

    Has anyone ever done this to their SG? I like the feel comfortable feel of the rounded edges on my vintage SG and would like to soften the edges on my newer SGs.
  11. WillyWP

    Heritage Cherry lacquer touch up markers?

    Has anyone used these? How did it work? Also, is there anywhere to buy them that is cheaper than StewMac? Thanks.
  12. WillyWP

    How to clean a stain from binding?

    Hello. I recently bought an SG online and when it arrived there was a small black stain on the neck binding. What is the best way to try to remove this without doing any damage? I tried water, alcohol, and Fender guitar polish and none worked. Thanks.
  13. WillyWP

    In-between fretboard width?

    Hello. I'm looking for an SG with a comfortable neck for me. I want a thin, slim neck profile, that's not too wide, under 2 3/32nds of an inch in the 12th fret. Anything even slightly wider is uncomfortable for me. I have a 2010 SG Standard which has good string spacing, I like the slim neck...
  14. WillyWP

    72 SG tuner holes enlarged, revert to original tuners...

    Hello. I bought this modded, beat-up 1972 Gibson SG Special that I'm trying to return to as close to original as I can without a refinish. The original tuners were replaced with the Schallers, pictured below, and to do so it the holes had been enlarged. My question is, can I put the original...
  15. WillyWP

    Buy saddles for 72 harmonica bridge?

    Hello. Does anyone know where I can buy replacement bridge saddles for a 72 SG Special? Thanks.
  16. WillyWP

    70's SG binding and dots?

    Has anyone ever seen an early 70s Gibson SG, approximately 1972, with humbuckers, binding and dots inlays on the fretboard? I've never seen this combination from around this time. Obviously the pickups aren't stock. I suspect this guitar may have come with P90s from the factory. P.S. The...
  17. WillyWP

    Les Paul DC Special tailpiece drilling

    Hello. I'm a reguler SG player, I have 2, and I bought this 95 Les Paul Special DC recently. It has a wraparound bridge on it, but it came from the factory with a tune-o-matic and tail piece which was removed and the holes dowelled. I want to restore it to as close as original. I need to...
  18. WillyWP

    1983 SG Special Pickups?

    Does anyone know anything about the pickups on this model and year SG? Are they Tim Shaw? What is the pickup model? Thanks!
  19. WillyWP

    2012 Gibson SG 61 Reissue

    I'm selling my pristine 2012 Gibson SG 61 Reissue. All original. $1025 cash, nonnegotiable. Pick-up in Brooklyn, or I will consider shipping inside the US for the additional shipping cost and payment made up front through Paypal. Serious buyers feel free to ask any questions about the guitar. I...
  20. WillyWP

    61 Reissue Satin, gloss Refinish?

    Hello. I bought a 2007 61 Reissue in Antique Walnut, not realizing that it was a satin finish without grain filler (Week 35, pictured and linked below). I don't like the feel of the finish, but otherwise it's an awesome guitar. It looks beautiful, the neck is super thin and comfortable, and...

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