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    Adele-Rumor Has It (Live)

    White '72 SG Deluxe in vid: Adele - Rumor Has It (Live) Itunes Festival 2011 HD - YouTube
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    Marshall refrigerator

    The absolute highlight of the Frankfurt Music Fair: Marshall refrigerator for your beer!
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    Cheryl Crow -Walk Away

    SG content! Not a bad cover BTW. Sheryl Crow - "Walk Away" (James Gang) live 2002 - stereo - YouTube
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    Jim Irsay collection to be shown at the Indiana State Museum.,0,69271.column Elvis, George Harrison, & Jerry Garcia guitar owner. I might hafta go down there and take some pics!
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    Hendrix at 1968 NY festival Changing guitars mid stream and other stuff.
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    Jimi Hendrix Rainbow Bridge movie

    Has anyone seen this? Would anyone admit to it? Definitely weird as weird can be. Prolly made for people who are so baked they just drool when they watch the screen. I rented it once from Blockbuster and it took several sittings to get through it not unlike Triple X with Vin Diesel. Here's an...
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    My SG for sale.
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    Sweetwater Young Guns 2011 Contest

    Win a chance to play onstage with Joe Bonamassa!
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    MOVED: SPECIALS and no NOT ED!!!

    This topic has been moved to Epiphone SG.
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    MOVED: Date of manufacture Gibson SG

    This topic has been moved to What Year or Model SG Do I Have.
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    California-Tennessee translator

    The California – Tennessee Travel Dictionary A lexicon, with translations for Californians who are visiting Tennessee, or vice versa. In California In Tennessee Diverse or Lifestyle Choice Sinful and Perverted Arsenal of Weapons...
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    Epiphone By Gibson Acoustic

    I ran across this weirdo guitar on Craigslist and I've never seen another Epiphone like it with both Epiphone and Gibson names in pearl on the headstock. Thinking it might be a Kalamazoo Epi. I'm just posting the pics to keep it from being a sale thread.
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    SGs at Music Go Round STD VOS '70s Custom HC 61RI Ebony 61 RI
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    We need a thread like this here I know Ess has a back catalog. Prolly Voxy too!
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    Proper Humidifier Setting for Guitars?

    Any difference in settings for acoustics vs solidbodies? Are they even needed in summer when humidity is high?
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    Forgot Password Help.

    Maybe we could cut down on people having to reregister under another name by having a forgot password linkie after maybe three attempts that would e-mail a temp password to the member?
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    MOVED: Orville SG Info

    This topic has been moved to eBay Items: Trash or Treasure.
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    MOVED: Greco SG Identification Help

    This topic has been moved to eBay Items: Trash or Treasure.
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    Just introduced today - Firebird V 2010 At least it's affordable. No Lyre though :roll:
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    Sidewayser Vibrola For Sale Hard to find so big $$. This one looks complete.

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