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  1. MiG-19

    My 2008 SG Classic FIRST POST

    Nice score!
  2. MiG-19

    Homesick christmas - Guitar track

    Nicely done. Merry Christmas!
  3. MiG-19

    Checking In...

    Nice rig. Welcome!
  4. MiG-19

    Me and my guitar!

    Great pics in this thread, welcome!
  5. MiG-19

    Long Time Reader, First Time Poster

  6. MiG-19

    SG Neophye

    Welcome! I too am not much of a player, but I’m working on that!
  7. MiG-19

    Been a lurking for a while... '68 SG fan

  8. MiG-19

    NGD! 2017 Gibson SG Standard Alpine White

    Beautiful SG, great score. Like Raymond Eriksen said, white SGs are awesome!
  9. MiG-19

    New to ESG and New SG Owner

    Very cool looking SG!
  10. MiG-19

    Old Retired Guy

    Welcome from yet another retired guy who is still working. Cool SG! That brand is also new to me. I learn so much on this forum.
  11. MiG-19

    Checking in from NJ

    Very nice!
  12. MiG-19

    Merry Christmas

    Anyone working on Holiday Music with their SG?
  13. MiG-19

    NSGCD: Tokai SG 92 Snow White

    Huge Tokai fan. I have a couple of Tokai Les Pauls and a Tokai ES. You can probably also tell I'm a fan of the white finish as well! Beautiful guitar.
  14. MiG-19

    Been lurking awhile, figured I'd say hello....

    Very nice pair, and welcome!
  15. MiG-19

    2010 SG 61 Reissue Returned To Original Condition

    My recent eBay purchase came with a DiMarzio Super Distortion pickup in the Bridge and an unidentifiable PAF in the neck. Neither had covers, and my original plan was to put nickel covers on, but the pickups just weren’t doing it for me. So, I replaced both with a pair of 57 Classics. It is...
  16. MiG-19

    Hello from Woodridge Illinois

    Great looking SG! Welcome!
  17. MiG-19

    Newbie from ATL

    Aloha, similar background as well, though I don't have my first guitar (wish I did!) Though I'm new as well, welcome!
  18. MiG-19

    Aloha! Just Became An SG Owner (Take 2)

    It’s a Japanese roof tile from an old temple that guards my garden.
  19. MiG-19

    HORNS UP! Show me your horns!

  20. MiG-19

    Aloha! Just Became An SG Owner (Take 2)

    Retired Marine in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, long time LP Owner, but I’ve been lurking here a while as the SG Bug has bitten. I just received this 2010 SG 61 Reissue in Classic White. I’m blown away by the build quality and finish, but especially the neck. It’s missing the PU covers, but I have a...

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