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  1. Cooltouch

    NGD! 2020 SG Special

    I've wanted one of these guitars since shortly after I sold my early 60s SG Special several decades ago. Along the way, I've acquired other Gibsons that were close -- some more than others -- but they just never were the same thing. In about 2000, I bought an SG Showcase Edition -- a very nice...
  2. Cooltouch

    Ever Seen Hendrix Play an SG?

    So, I was browsing through some videos at YouTube today, and ran across a video recording of the Hendrix Experience, recording in a small venue in Sweden in 1969. The sound level is actually surprisingly good. Hendrix starts off the set on what looks to be a black Strat with a maple fingerboard...
  3. Cooltouch

    Buying a Kit -- Advice?

    I build guitars. My specialty is acoustics, specifically classicals. I haven't paid much attention to electrics until recently, when I stumbled across a kit while surfing the net. I got intrigued and started digging a bit deeper, and I unearthed a huge selection of all sorts of electric guitar...
  4. Cooltouch

    My guitars with P90s

    Welp, I thought I'd share a few pics of my only other Gibson -- a Les Paul Special -- and of an American Kramer that I added a P90 to in the neck position. I bought the LPS new from the now-defunct Mars Music back in about 2000 or so. I'd had my eye on them for months. According to one...
  5. Cooltouch

    Avatar sizing difficulties

    Hey all, I posted this question in my intro thread over at the "Welcome Wagon," but I figured I'd also post it here, since I guess it'll be more likely to be read here. Sorry about the dupe, if this is a problem. I've configured an avatar, which is located at my website (and I...
  6. Cooltouch

    Cooltouch: Google -- it's a wonderful thing :)

    Welp, I'm new here, and this is my first post. I was googling info on an SG I own just a short while ago, and ran across this site. How cool. I've been playing guitar for over 40 years. Yup, I'm a graybeard, literally. My first =good= guitar was an early 60s SG Special. Twin soapbars, one...

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