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  1. WillyWP

    2021 SG Standard neck angle?

    They're not all like that, I've owned a few. And, its not okay either. The pickup cover should not be able to be raised so high the back of it is higher than the pickguard. My question wasn't if you are fine with it, my question was for the measurement of what the neck angle should be.
  2. WillyWP

    2021 SG Standard neck angle?

  3. WillyWP

    2021 SG Standard neck angle?

    Can anyone tell me what the neck angle of 2021 SG Standard should be? Meaning, I'm looking for the measurement of the proper neck angle. I just received a 2021 Gibson SG Standard today which I purchased on and it looks like the neck angle is wrong. The bridge pickup cover is so high...
  4. WillyWP

    2000-2011 Neck profile?

    I had a 2006 SG Classic that had a standard Gibson width neck with a rounded profile.
  5. WillyWP

    Lightweight tuners for 2017 Grover holes?

    Thank you to everyone who replied, and actually read my post first. Ha. While keeping the Grover locking machines, I already replaced the Grover kidney shaped metal buttons with traditional looking plastic SG type ones. It helped but not enough. It looks good though. I may look into those...
  6. WillyWP

    Lightweight tuners for 2017 Grover holes?

    Hello. I have a 2017 Gibson SG Standard which I love, but the neck dive bothers me. Can anyone recommend lightweight tuners to replace the stock Grover locking tuners, which I can install without drilling new holes? Thanks.
  7. WillyWP

    New 2017 SG Standard

    I got my 2017 SG Standard T today. I love it. Its the SG I've been waiting for Gibson to make, mostly because of the neck. I had a 1996 Les Paul Special DC that had my favorite neck ever, and this has the same one. The rolled binding makes a huge difference. It feels like its been played for...
  8. WillyWP

    New 2017 SG Standard

    Tomorrow my 2017 SG Standard T should arrive. I'm very excited. I wanted an SG with a slim taper neck and a long neck joint so I had to buy one of these immediately. I also read that the binding is rolled which was a huge selling point for me. When I get it I'll post in case anyone has...
  9. WillyWP

    Reshaping fretboard binding...

    A rasp is ridiculous and would destroy it. I've rolled binding before. Its a delicate, detailed job. Maybe you should think hard, your opinion about getting used to the neck shape was not something I asked for. You're not me and don't know how I play or the relationship that I develop with my...
  10. WillyWP

    Gibson SG Standard 1998 Dark Cherry

    I have a Honeyburst one too, which is a great guitar, but I wish it was dark cherry.
  11. WillyWP

    Reshaping fretboard binding...

    Hello. Has anyone ever trimmed off some of the binding on their SG? I have a 2010 that feels great but the neck is about 2mm too wide compared to my 2016 T. It doesn't sound like much but it could feel SO much better without that mm of binding on both sides. I was thinking of taking it...
  12. WillyWP

    FS: 2014 Gibson SG Original 2

    Thats a beauty. If I had the money...
  13. WillyWP

    2016 SG standards

    My 2016 Standard T has a 3 piece body. Incidentally, I might try to trade it in for a different one because one of the glue lines is so visible. Its a little disappointing.
  14. WillyWP

    '61 Reissue 2012 Satin Brown

    I'm glad you bought it. I had one from 2007 that I sold and regret. It was the best quality SG with had, and it had the best feeling neck out of the 5 SGs I've owned.
  15. WillyWP

    Traded my Standard for a Classic

    Those classics are great guitars. Cheers.
  16. WillyWP

    my new SG

    In 72' the specials had dots and binding, so its after that. In 73 the specials had block inlays, like yours, and ebony fingerboards. For your pictures it looks like rosewood. The harmonica bridge could have easily been swapped out. Too bad, they are ugly but allow more room for precise...
  17. WillyWP

    2016 Standard Ts Neck Profile

    I have a 2016 Standard T. It's not a slim neck, but its not as larger as some SGs either. It feels like rounded medium/slim... The measurements are on the Gibson website. I have a 1998 which is thinner at the nut, but larger by the body, and I have a 2010 with a 60s slim neck feels very flat in...
  18. WillyWP

    Gibson SG Standard 1998 Dark Cherry

    Gibson SG Standard 1998 Dark Cherry. For sale. $825 firm $875 shipped UPS. This is a great players’ guitar. It has tons of mojo, sounds great, plays great, and looks vintage. Even unplugged it sounds really good. It;s very resonant. It is all original with no problems. The finish is aging and...
  19. WillyWP

    1998 Gibson SG Standard Specs

    Does anyone have a description or the original specs of a 1998 SG Standard? Thanks.

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