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    Replacement Pickups for PAF tone

    I have a 2018 chinese tokai sg custom. It plays great. It just has those cheap ceramic pickups designed for more output and gain than suits me. What pickups should I put in there for a paf style? I can afford to ball out and get Lollar Imperials or Duncan Antiquity, but I wanted to consult...
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    Imagine an SG...

    but ugly. Very, very ugly.
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    Looking for new pickups on Chinese Tokai SG

    I’m not into the ceramics it came with. What should I put on it? It’s actually a 3 pickup SG Custom, but who knows maybe I’ll take the middle one out. Just looking for classic paf tone.
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    I love MIJ Gibson copies!!!!

    I feel bad for people who haven’t realized you get 90something% of a Gibson for Epiphone prices!!!! I can’t wait for a week or two when this baby arrives from the land of the rising sun and then i change the pickguard and...
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    NGD : Tokai USG 65, MIC ‘61 SG Custom Style I fell in love with it in pictures and it has matched my expectations. The pickups are the only drawback, but for $510 (it was on sale, do not know why the page has the pre-sale price) I was expecting to...
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    Which MIJ brands have batwing pickguard SGs?

    I really want a quality Japanese SG, but not with an angel wing pickguard. I love the batwing. I’ve done a lot of research and Cool Z (fujigen) appears to be the only modern one. And even they switched to the angel in the last few years after producing batwings beginning around the year 2000...

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