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  1. MiG-19

    Merry Christmas

    Anyone working on Holiday Music with their SG?
  2. MiG-19

    2010 SG 61 Reissue Returned To Original Condition

    My recent eBay purchase came with a DiMarzio Super Distortion pickup in the Bridge and an unidentifiable PAF in the neck. Neither had covers, and my original plan was to put nickel covers on, but the pickups just weren’t doing it for me. So, I replaced both with a pair of 57 Classics. It is...
  3. MiG-19

    Aloha! Just Became An SG Owner (Take 2)

    Retired Marine in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, long time LP Owner, but I’ve been lurking here a while as the SG Bug has bitten. I just received this 2010 SG 61 Reissue in Classic White. I’m blown away by the build quality and finish, but especially the neck. It’s missing the PU covers, but I have a...
  4. MiG-19

    Aloha, Just Became An SG Owner

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