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  1. syscokid

    Western Electric Survey for USA-made Tubes

    Honoring my civic duties...: Spread the word... :cheers:
  2. syscokid

    Major Facelift for my '02 SG Special Faded

    I'm copying and transferring a lot of this info from a thread that I started at the TTR forum. I started this project last year on October 24, 2017. Finished it November 20, 2017. Very nice sounding and playing guitar, but it's going in for a new color and finish. I'm going for it... The SG...
  3. syscokid

    Treasure Chest of Pickups

    All nine (9) pickups for $200 plus cost of your choice of shipping. USPS Priority Shipping: Within the USA about $14. Canada is about $45...? 1: Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4), 16.5 DCR, 4-conductor and 11" of cabling. Excellent condition. 2: Seymour Duncan JB (SH-4), 16.5 DCR, 4-conductor and 8.5"...
  4. syscokid

    Open Pickup Covers for an old Special Faded

    cerebral gasket just posted pics of his '03 Special Faded's with full pup covers over the stock open coils. I think they look good and is an improvement, aesthetically. What I did a couple months ago on my '02 Special Faded (Moons!), was purchase some "open" covers. I got tired of the gappy...
  5. syscokid

    How to deal with an uneven High Fret?

    On my 2002 SG Special Faded with the Moons, that I rescued from a Fratboy about 6 months ago, I just discovered the 4th fret is a wee bit high. But only on the outer strings, and each E string has a slight buzz off the 4th fret when I'm holding down the strings at the 3rd fret. A very short...
  6. syscokid


    $995..... Looks very nice. Pickguard is a little goobered!
  7. syscokid

    SG Special Faded with Moon... getting Gassy

    Local Craigslist: Sellers description: "I have a 2004 Gibson SG Special Faded for sale. It is an earlier model, with the super rare ebony fretboard with the crescent moon inlays. It has 490R and 490T pickups, and sounds great. I contacted him...
  8. syscokid

    Mesa Boogie Mark V Combo VERY CHEAP!!!

    This is a crazy deal on this amp: $1,000 mint. City of origin is Santa Maria, California... which is about 2 1/2 hours north along the coast from L.A. or 3 3/4 hours south of San Francisco.
  9. syscokid


    At Chicago Music Exchange. I think this is a good deal. Wish I could jump on it...
  10. syscokid

    ’62 Les Paul Rarity

    Now that I got your attention... There's a very nice informative piece of info on this guitar and Gibson SG's in general, from this following Vintage Guitar article. This is type of info that use to be around this website before it got Nuked!
  11. syscokid

    Yamaha/Soldano T100C...?

    I noticed for sale, on the local Craigslist: Yamaha T100C Soldano Combo All Tube Amp For Sale - $700. Didn't know anything about the amp, but what was this Soldano connection? Well, I guess after some research, yes... Mike Soldano designed this amp in the 90s. It could be considered the slightly...
  12. syscokid

    My attempt at the Peter Green pickup mod...

    Gahr's Peter Green Sound Thread led me to attempt this mod myself. The guinea pig will be my 2005 LP R9 already equipped with a set of '57 Classics. Instead of altering the LP's current neck pup, I went and bought a used '57 Classic which the seller dated it as being made in 2003. The "cold" dc...
  13. syscokid

    Mayonnaise Sounds Great...?

    A local Craigslist ad, sarcastically, was just posted in the Musical Instruments section. I'm still trying to figure it out. Link (it might get pulled!):
  14. syscokid

    HENDRIX... 46 Years ago, today...

    In remembrance of one of the most influential musicians ever, Mr. James Marshall Hendrix moved on 46 years ago, today. R.I.P. Jimi... :dude: The above inscription reads: THIS WHITE GIBSON SG WAS PLAYED JIMI DURING HIS APPEARANCE ON THE DICK CAVETT SHOWIN 1969. THIS SHOW WAS A RARE CHANCE...
  15. syscokid

    NTGD: New Travel-Guitar Day

    Brand new: Taylor GS Mini (Tropical) Mahogany top, layered Sapele sides and back, 23 1/2" scale length, no electrics, Elixir Phosphor Bronze strings 13-56, "Hard" Bag, 3 lbs 12 oz., hecho en Mexico! I sold my beautiful '08 Epiphone Masterbilt DR500R to get this travel size guitar. My...
  16. syscokid

    Doug Rappoport, an SG, new SD pups, and talent

    This guy has been one of my favorites on the demo scene, for awhile now. Plus, he looks like a 20-year-younger me. Very well produced demo. Signal Chain- Gibson SG with SD Saturday Night Special pickups - Duncan loaded pedalboard (Forza, Killing Floor, Vise grip, Vapor Trail) - Friedman SS-100...
  17. syscokid

    EMG & Mighty Mite pup close-out at StewMac

  18. syscokid

    Another SG Pickguard Replacement?

    The original pickguard to my "71 SG was modified to allow a Kahler system, back in 1980(?). 10 years ago, I found someone who was willing to fill in the routed out cavity left by the removal of that Kahler system, and convert it to a ABR bridge and Stoptail. New pickguard was installed. A...
  19. syscokid

    NTD (New Truck Day)

    My new Wed Twuck:
  20. syscokid

    "Dirty Blue" Cry Baby

    For the last couple of years, I been wanting to do a super simple project like this. That is, to take a plain-old Cry Baby, the GCB-95, and completely gut it from its original parts and replace them with some cooler aftermarket parts, plus add the switching option of 2 inductors. I finally found...

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