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    The best fender amp being made

    well its a brand new product and i felt someone would like to know about it
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    Looking into buying a Mesa Boogie Road King head...

    i agree with tnt, but is it possible for you to buy a solid state amp?, thats what u should get
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    The best fender amp being made

    this is the best amp fender is currently making: it's solid state and its their only guitar amp thats not a combo, so both of those (you guys know) are perfect in my book
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    After-market Lyre Vibrola?

    yea ess, with my SOLID-STATE amp, lol
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    After-market Lyre Vibrola?

    i should but whats wrong with that pic?
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    ... another obscure English amp builder

    vagrants i might recall them
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    After-market Lyre Vibrola?

    i have the link to put the picture directly posted on here but it wont work, but tinypic or whatever is part of photobucket but you dont have to sign up for it, but thats the only picture of my sg i have on the computer because i dont own a digital camera
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    After-market Lyre Vibrola?

    my avatar RR!, but here is a picture of it
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    vic the 70s reissue is the best one they make (thats what i feel) go for that one
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    After-market Lyre Vibrola?

    i used to, but no, why?
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    Looking for a new amp.....

    it does have nice effects, but i wouldnt buy a vox, just buy a solid-state they are the best amps ever
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    WEM amps?

    yes it is
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    what your dream rig (if you already got it post pic)

    acoustic 260 head with 261 cab, and a 1967, 1968, or 1970 sg in cherry and a double neck, but with a short maestro mounted on the bottom neck in cherry
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    After-market Lyre Vibrola?

    sorry, but to avoid confusion no you cant have it, i came with my sg and i intened to keep it original, i mean i've had it original since 68
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    Where's the party at?

    good 'ol middle o' nowhere new york like the avatar says,
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    TUBE (VALVE, FIRE-BOTTLE, etc...) FOR WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!

    yea the seller was located in nowhere village
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    After-market Lyre Vibrola?

    i have a 68 cover perfect condish
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    No more EVM 12L or JBL E-120 high end guitar speakers. Why?

    i hate break up to, thats why i love the solid-state amplifier (espesially ones with horns in them), avalible at your local music shop folks :wink: :oops: sorry, that was dumb :oops: but its the truth
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    New Poll: submit your vote

    i think i couldn've one if i was in it, remember the super beatle 'problem', i think i never got all of theat stench off.......
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    Schaller Tremolo/Vibrolabridge/tailpiece OPINIONS PLEASE!

    go with a maestro 'Lyre' vibrola

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