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    The best fender amp being made

    this is the best amp fender is currently making: it's solid state and its their only guitar amp thats not a combo, so both of those (you guys know) are perfect in my book
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    Customshop Models

    i dont know about you guys but i would love to own this and this would be pretty cool to
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    icon can some one use this and put my current one as a background or something?
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    what ever happened to that kid? he hasnt been on in at least a month
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    This Sucks!!!!!!

    i'm only posting this so you know wut kind of pain i go through i was playing my guit and i pull the strap off when i was done and the damn strap lock fell off :?: :evil:
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    Ace Frehely LP

    did they stop making it?, last time i ent to the guitar store they had one and it was brand new, but on the gibson web site i vant find anything about it just the epi one
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    Band Equipment

    what equipment do you use with your band, and what equipment do they use?
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    Effects Loop

    what pedals do you guys use with your rigs?
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    i think we should have a thread for vox to talk about the products and the custumer service and what not okay i have to get something off my chest, okay the reason why i hate vox is because i once owned a super beatle and it was made real shotty (tubes lose and what not) and i already had a...
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    Slide guit

    what kind of guitar do you guys like for slide :?:
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    Very First SG/LP

    does anyone have a pic of the first model SG, the one you couldnt reach the upper register on?
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    Who uses maestro pedals

    i use a maestro fuzz tone, hows 'bout u guys
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    A nice sidways vibrola for those who like the sideways vibrola this ones pretty sweet
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    Why doesn't Gibson use the 'Lyre" anymore

    why does gibson only have the 'Lyre' on the Angus Young, and the Lp/SG Historic model am i the only one that thinks they should give an option of the lyre or some other kind of tremolo on their guitars?
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    Split: Who you callin' a windbag.....

    who u callin a wind bag?
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    What should my band change its name to?

    In my band we have the following Me: lead Guitar (i think you kno wut guitar i use) My keyboardist: Roland VK-8: Combo Organ and a keyboard on top set on BASS (no Piano Basses are at convenience) Drummer: 8 peice pearl set Lead Signer/Rythym Guitar: Les Paul Classic (i want to burn it...
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    custom guitar

    should i build a guitar, what wood should i use, how should it look? wut neck should i use? wut bridge should i use?
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    What amps do you like?

    I know your going to be shocked when i say this i like solid-state amps, specifically Acoustic (Acoustic Controls Corp.), one reasons is because they sound good, and the other reasons is they are the only true solid-state amps that are big enough for a gig :twisted: SG
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    Why did you get your SG?

    i got my SG for the following reasons: -love 1960's & 1970's guitars and amps -sounded nice with my Acoustic amp -liked the bridge -love SGs -the pointed horns kind of went with the trident that we use with our band logo -liked the neck -liked the tone -looked cool -the devil...

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