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    Auction "Gibsons" - really? Well, the TR cover is a 3 screw - any other issues...
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    SG90, Cashconverters Crawley UK

    Seen today: green SG90 single with white pearl pickguard. Black tuners, roller bridge but (I think) stop tailpiece so presumably tremolo replaced. Few small chips on "book" part of headstock but otherwise appears unmarked. Reduced to £499 - I don't know whether this is a good price or not...
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    Standard with p90s - truss cover engraving or not

    Lots of pictures show the truss rod cover having "SG" - though some descriptions say plain. Mine (bought Dec 2012) is plain - what's yours?
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    Am I being too picky ...

    So, after nearly 40 years with my SG copy, I am now the proud possessor of the real thing. Heritage Cherry Standard with P90s (I actually went into the shop to try out an Orange Micro Terror, and they picked the SG for me to demo with - my wife said "that looks a nice guitar, you should really...

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