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  1. PermissionToLand

    Gibson introduces new Faded Standard '61 SG It seems to only be available with the Maestro and the retail price is $2,199 (the glossy version goes for $2,399).
  2. PermissionToLand

    No more veneers on G-400s? (Edit: Probably not, NVM)

    Are you seeing what I'm seeing here? This is a Standard, not the new '61 LP/SG reissue. It seems Epiphone is really listening to what people are saying, I'm once again impressed. Hey...
  3. PermissionToLand

    New Limited Run: SG Tribute Raven

    Anyone hear about these? I just stumbled across it on GC's website. I'm not a metal guy but it looks pretty slick.
  4. PermissionToLand

    Somebody pulled one over on GC...

    And told them this modified Standard is a Custom Shop reissue...
  5. PermissionToLand

    Get a load of this ripoff! So this shop is taking bog standard USA Standard '61s and screwing on some new plastic parts and borderline lying about it being a Custom Shop model through deceptive wording. He also...
  6. PermissionToLand

    To Pickguard or not to Pickguard?

    Many years ago, I got this unique '88 Epiphone LP that is very '80s, and have spent a lot of time fixing the crappy trem system and now it's finally up to snuff and I've brought out the hidden potential I knew it had. I've made a few small changes like knobs and adding a poker chip to give it a...
  7. PermissionToLand

    Pickups literally vibrating and feeding back

    So I've had this issue with two guitars now (both have open coil humbuckers) where at high volumes during practice, the pickups will literally vibrate and feedback. Pressing on the pickup to hold it in place prevents it. Weirdly, it only seems to be the bridge pickups doing it, which if anything...
  8. PermissionToLand

    Well this is a weird one...

    My strap button won't come off. I got the screw out no problem but it's literally stuck to the guitar, and well. I'm afraid to pull/push too hard on it and damage the finish if it's bonded with the nitro. Any ideas?
  9. PermissionToLand

    Source for bridge without post holes drilled?

    So I have a guitar with atypical post spacing at 71.5mm. I managed to find a bridge designed specifically for these unusual guitars, but it's 72mm and still does not fit. I suppose my guitar was drilled a little off. Anyway, does anyone know if it's possible to get a TOM bridge without the post...
  10. PermissionToLand

    Angus and Robby Krieger Signature wiki pages finished!
  11. PermissionToLand

    EDS-1275 Wiki page finished!
  12. PermissionToLand

    The Itty Bitty Acca-Dacca Committee

    As *true SG fanatics*, we all know AC/DC is where it started! I'll start this off with the continuation of the other thread we hijacked: I believe Mal was still using that White Falcon for FTATR, right? So I just compared it back to back with BIB and here are my impressions: Incredibly similar...
  13. PermissionToLand

    NOS Elitist SG...

    What the hell makes this guy think it's worth literally TWICE what it cost new?
  14. PermissionToLand

    Another new 2019 SG debuts!

    Just happened upon this on the Gibson website: A "1963 SG Custom w/ Maestro", basically a return of the old SG Custom after it ended regular production in 2013, and they only made those two-pickup Customs with (for some inexplicable reason) 490s in them...
  15. PermissionToLand

    '61 Reissue Wiki page finished!

    As well as its predecessor, the SG-62. Hopefully this should clear up some of the common misconceptions about the SG-62. If I missed anything, please let me know!
  16. PermissionToLand

    2019 Limited Edition SG Special!

    Check this out: Looks like they even used the '61 RI neck joint design.
  17. PermissionToLand

    How to fix ripped case handle?

    Any ideas?
  18. PermissionToLand

    Beveling myth DEBUNKED!

    So, it is often said that the modern Gibsons' horns are not beveled correctly in that they do not taper to the points, and that the only modern SG to get this right was the '61 Reissue w/ Maestro that was sold around 2000-'01, while even the Historics are not right. If you're not sure what I'm...
  19. PermissionToLand

    A real mystery SG...

    I say a "real" mystery because most of the time it's just a Norlin model or something. This one is really a head scratcher. So the seller claims it's a 1991 1961 Reissue. My first two guesses were...
  20. PermissionToLand

    SG Standard Wiki page finished!

    Let me know if I missed any variants of the Standard (my rule is that it must have "Standard" in the name, not just the features commonly associated with a Standard).

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