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  1. MetroGMP45Head

    Western Electric Survey for USA-made Tubes

    Thing about the Western Electric 300B is that it has a 5 Year Warranty, and is rated for 40,000 hours.
  2. MetroGMP45Head

    Bridge Upgrade

    Pigtail Music complete bridge assembly. It aint cheap though. I used one on a 59 Burst replica, and couldnt be happier with it.
  3. MetroGMP45Head

    What kind of tuner can be used for intonation ?

    Much easier to use a Turbo Tuner if youre gigging. To much noise can make a phone app unusable. Guitar Tuner Apps Disadvantage Guitar tuner apps react to environmental sounds. That means that they are catching sound signals from everything they hear. If you’re in a loud room, guitar tuner apps...
  4. MetroGMP45Head

    What kind of tuner can be used for intonation ?

    Sonic Research Turbo Tuner. $130.00 USD
  5. MetroGMP45Head

    SG String Guage

    10-38s on both Strat, and Gibson scales. Used these since 1971. My Fender is a 4 Bolt 71 Oly Wht Strat I got new... Fender stopped making them for a bunch of years, they still made them in Bullets, but Im not much on them, so I switched to 10-38 Boomers, and like them just as much. While I dont...
  6. MetroGMP45Head

    Removing H.P. covers.

    I myself wouldnt experiment with an original PAF, unless I was an expert with experience working with them. Ill also admit I cant use a soldering iron ect, but still, if one has to ask a question about desoldering one, power of the iron, using a screwdriver ect, Id let someone that knew...

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